19 & 20 Weeks: Wear a Maxi Skirt as a Dress in 3 Ways

Monday, September 24, 2012
Now that I'm growing out of my clothes faster than you can say "baby," I've had to be a little more creative than usual with my outfits...that and repetitive. While playing with my clothes the other day, I realized I could wear my maxi skirts as dresses!!

Maxi Skirt + Belt + Cardigan/Jacket

For this first outfit, I belted the skirt and threw on a jacket to make it modest. (Not a fan of the white t-shirt under tank tops, tube tops, strapless, whatever, to make it more modest... There are better ways than that..)

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thrifted American Eagle denim jacket, $5 (similar); Target maxi skirt, $16; thrifted white belt, $1 (similar); Target clog sandals (similar in camel)

Maxi Skirt + Cardigan/Jacket + Statement Necklace

For this one, I had a meeting that day so I tried to dress down the leopard as much as I could by pairing it with low-key items like a black blazer and black booties topping it all off with a gold statement necklace. No belt this time! It was freeing...even if it made me look shapeless...but sometimes I dig that..

thrifted Ann Taylor blazer, $5 (similar); leopard print dress I cut into a skirt via an online Asian boutique (similar); Anthropologie necklace (similar); Ros Hommerson oxford heels, $26 (similar)

Cardigan/Jacket + Belt + Maxi Skirt

The next predictable combo...the belted cardi/jacket! Be sure to button the cardigan where you're going to belt it. I tried it unbuttoned and it looked like curtains over my boobs. Not pretty. I think this would work especially well with long cardigans!

Old Navy cardigan, $17; thrifted belt, $1 (similar); thrifted Eddie Bauer skirt, $3 (kinda close); Target clog sandals

This isn't just for those who are with child. Wearing a maxi skirt as a dress can work for anyone! Just belt at your natural waist (the smallest point of your torso) to accentuate the hour glass shape or go shapeless if you're hitting the buffet. No shame. Just invite me if you are.


  1. Oh my goodness you just gave me more outfit inspiration with that skirt! You are too good girl!! Love all the styles! You look fabulous! I can't wait to try this out!

  2. Love your maxi shirts worn as dresses. They give that perfect midi-dress look! Also, I'm no where close to being pregnant, but I follow a youtuber who mainly wore maxi-dresses throughout her pregnancy and she looked great.

  3. the 3rd option is my fave!

  4. You look so cute with the belts highlighting your little baby bump! At the same time they also give the illusion of a waist. Although all three outfits use the same concept, they are all very different looks. I love how you did that. But the third one is definitely my favorite. :)

    xo from Miami,
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  5. Love this. They look especially cute with the bump. Unfortunately, I would look pregnant styled like this... & I'm not! Much less cute. ;)

  6. Adorable, great ideas

  7. just belt the skirts at your natural waist or a little lower for a drop waist look!

  8. I like them all, but #3 is my favorite! I think I just like the textures of the cardigan and skirt...or dress...whatever!

    Sarah's Real Life

  9. I love love love #2, but you rocked all three. There is something super chic about the cheetah with the blazer. Good call on no belt. I dig animal prints...almost to the point of tacky obsession.

  10. that was my favorite too even though it looks a bit frumpy in those pics!

  11. i'm so glad you think that white shirts under tanks, etc. looks awful. i've always hated that!

  12. I am always pulling my maxi skirts up to create dresses lol

    xo Jennifer


  13. I love all of these looks! You look so amazing! :D (the third one is my favorite, great print!)

  14. You look adorable.. I love all the looks


  15. love the second look with the leopard "dress" and black blazer!


  16. I snickered a little when I realized that your dresses aren't hi-low dresses. Its your cute little belly that is bringing up your hemline! Even your baby is helping you stay the fashionable lady that you have always been! Go BABY!

  17. I love the "shapeless" look so much... it really suits your frame and hints that there IS a shape underneath. (Plus, excellent for the buffet.) Thanks for the tips, though... this is a super way to make your wardrobe more versatile!

  18. ahh!! me too. it's also the most comfortable :)

  19. I love these looks! Being creative and flexible with a wardrobe makes it so much more fun! I often wear a maxi skirt as a dress to change it up, with the added bonus of making the skirt a bit shorter.

  20. Elaine, you're rocking it! Cute cute ideas! I think my favorite is the first look because that purple maxi skirt is to die for.

    perfectly priya

  21. great looks! love them all
    work it momma

    xo Jessica

  22. Could you pin the leopard one on pinterest? I LOVE the look :)

  23. I used a denim long sleeve shirt. I rolled up the sleeves, and tied a knot at the bottom, while the rest was unbuttoned. I used in on a long sleeveless maxi.