Shop Modest Clothes All in One Place!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
I wanted to let you guys know of a new modest fashion site I recently found. It's called Shop Dear Prudence. It's your one-stop modest fashion shopping site. They've searched the web to bring modest and stylish clothes for women from your favorite online stores to the one-of-a-kind boutiques into one place. They've curated clothes for teens, college students, moms, plus-size, petite... whatever your budget, whatever your size, whatever your modest guidelines are.

Below are some of my favorite picks...

So, who are they? Behind Shop Dear Prudence are two friends, Melissa and Stephanie. I actually met Melissa a couple times. She goes to my church building! I talked with her this past Sunday and she's the sweetest. They both work full time so this site is their second job. Something I think we bloggers can all relate to..

I'm loving this rise of modesty in the fashion and retail world lately...more importantly, that it's becoming more accessible to the everyday consumer. What are your thoughts? Is this good for the modest fashion community? What other sites would you like to see to promote modesty?


  1. I LOVE that modest fashion is becoming more accessable. I hate going shopping only to discover is can only choose between super short or a burlap sac! whats with that? I love that maxi and midi length skirts/dresses are becoming popular. I really cant stand what the dress lengths were previously.

  2. I don't see that cobalt mini skirt as modest, however I do acknowledge that what we see as modest isn't the same for all of us. That said, I think the site is impressive and I hope it continues. Even though the price points seemed large to me, "$0-1,000??", it wasn't difficult to find the more affordable, under $100 options.

  3. If you click on the image, it'll take you to the product page which actually promotes the pink blazer you can also see the model wearing.

  4. Love this! I selected dresses and there they were with sleeves and past the knee. This maybe a little bit of a life changer. Thank you friend!


  5. Finding modest clothing is always a struggle for our young
    teens and mothers. I am grateful that this site stands for modest dressing. I
    love this site. It has everything! Great job ladies in making modest clothing
    easy to find.

  6. Thanks! Hope I'm not being too negative. It really does look like a great site!