How to Lengthen a Mini Dress with a Ruffle by Kristina

Thursday, September 27, 2012
A ruffled band is a great way to add length to a mini dress because you can make your ruffle up to 12-15 inches long. Treating a dress this way will enhance the casual vibe of either a peasant dress or relaxed mini dress. The secret is keeping the amount of ruffling in check so the gathers don't make your ruffle balloon out in an alarming way. No one wants wants that. 

My dress was 44 inches around at the bottom. I cut the fabric so when I sewed the bands together, they'd equal 110 inches which gave me plenty of fullness for gathers.


  1. Genuis! This is so amazingly cute - I like it 100% better with the ruffle.
    So glad I found your site, I just joined the mormon fashion bloggers:, such a fun community!

  2. It's beautiful. The ruffle adds so much personality.

  3. How does the gathering step work? A running stitch?

  4. Love this post! I have a minidress that I need it to be lengthened, too.. the ruffle makes the dress look cute :)

  5. That look so cute on!!

  6. Plus a belt is more beautiful.

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  9. Ok...this is so clever! love it!

  10. great idea! the dress is beautiful! x

  11. I will try this.

  12. I'm not this crafty but, I love the simple fix :)