Reader Question: How I Style My Outfits

Monday, August 27, 2012

I got this reader question from Amy a couple weeks ago about how I styled my outfits:
Do you just pull clothes from your closet and lay them out on your bed until you're happy or do you do something artsy fartsy and use like, a dress model or something?

That is such a funny question... Now that I'm pregnant and can't fit into most of my jeans and skirts anymore, it's been more like standing in front of my closet for an hour in the morning and complaining to my husband that I don't have any clothes!!! It's so fun!!!! Usually, I just try on a couple (or a lot) of outfits the night before and pick my favorite one to wear the next day.

Do you guys know of Go Chic or Go Home? I mentioned them before here and here. It's a cool concept - you take pictures of your clothes and "plan" outfits. There have been too many times where I planned outfits but forgot about them later. I know they're working on a camera-cellphone feature so you can easily upload your pics from your phone to your account but not sure if they have finished it yet. (Anybody have an update on this?) I also use Pinterest to help me get dressed. My board seems to be more of "how I wish I dressed" so I follow other people's boards. My favorite and most copy-able boards are Kendi's and Thread Ethic's.

How do you style your outfits?


  1. I hear ya! Been there and I just buy sizes bigger cuz I refuse to wear maternity clothing!!!


  2. I actually have a series on my blog called "What to Wear?" where I talk about this topic! I'm a nerd so I like to think of new ways to organize my clothes and combine them in new ways! If anyone wants to see, my "what to wear" posts are here!

    <3 Sarah

  3. Oops, my link didn't attach! I'll just type it out for ya:

  4. as simple and straight-forward as this post may be, i love it in the most artsy fartsy kinda way!! kendi is also my most-pinned. thanks for the other leads. :)

  5. I use an app named "Stylebook" recommended by a blogger last year. It lets you collect a virtue closet and put outfits together. I take inspiration from pinterest and put outfits together with the clothes I have in my closet. When I buy something new I take the picture of it from the store website as well. I completely recommend this app!

  6. that sounds really cool. i need to look into that..