Dressing for Heat and Humidity by Kate

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Hey, there! I’m Kate from The Perpetual Student’s Wife, my daily style blog which holds me accountable to dressing myself up before I step out of the house. I’m a personal assistant living in Houston, TX with my husband, who is finishing up his doctorate degree in music composition.

Regarding my personal style conundrum and subsequent solution, I keep in mind the weather and my work conditions. It’s hot so near the Gulf. It’s sticky, and it’s incredibly uncomfortable from mid-May through early October. My wardrobe had a major identity crisis after we arrived to Texas, but this is my third summer in the heat, and so I think that I’ve come up with a pretty solid plan of action for dealing with months of heat and humidity. My secret is ventilation, either by way of fiber content or silhouette. I’ve always been drawn to natural fibers, but cottons and linens have become summertime staples in my closet. I dress mostly for my work life, which is business casual. Some days I give in to my addiction to pencil skirts and pumps, but for the days I know I’ll be hauling patio furniture around, I stick with loose blouses and crop pants. And every opportunity for low-key time with friends is spent in jeans or bermuda shorts and a t-shirt.

Work: Dressy

Default to a lightweight cotton-blend skirt with a breezy blouse or pullover and accessories in cheerful colors.

Work: Casual

Spunky sleeveless blouse which doesn’t really touch my skin, cardigan to combat wicked AC and simple cotton cropped pants. Forget accessories (they usually fight with the crazed colors or prints on my blouses) and get my hair out of my face.


Jeans, usually a looser straight leg style with legs rolled up, tissue weight tee, belt (sometimes not) and Pinterest-inspired braid or carefree ponytail.

I hope these little tips help you stay a little cooler and more comfortable during summertime!


  1. Great post! I spent my first summer in Nashville and have totally freaked out because it is SO humid/hot but then cold in the office. I've pretty much been wearing a skirt/top alllll summer. Although it's hard to keep that look feeling constantly fresh. You seem to have it down pat! Maybe I'll get there next summer.

    perfectly priya

  2. Jenn@thefadeddiary.comOctober 11, 2012 at 12:37 AM

    Love the work casual look!

  3. I love your casual look :)

    xo Jennifer


  4. SO super cute!!!

  5. our weather in Kansas is just too cruel and we are suffering from drought right now. It should would be a blessing if it rains today. Dear God please let it rain. A much needed rain. Blazers and jeans are sure out of the picture for now. Too darn hot! She looks lovely. :)