Monday, June 25, 2012
YOU GUYS, I HAVE SOME BIG NEWS. I'm back home on the east coast for the week. (Been more than two years! What the what!) I'll be chillaxing with my fam and trying to eat as much of my mom's Korean home cooking as I possibly can. But, no fret. I have posts scheduled and ready for your viewing pleasure, so in a way I'm still here...kinda. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to KIT. HAGS. LYLAS.

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thrifted American Eagle vest, $2 (similar but darker); Shade Clothing striped tee, $16; skinnied Levi's jeans, $70; Franco Sarto wedges, $33 (similar)

I thrifted this vest over Memorial Day weekend along with my man shirt. You wanna know the funny thing about it? Well, when I used to work at American Eagle years ago when I was in college (Oh, you didn't know?), we sold these vests! I totally remember them!! And, there it was... Taunting me to buy it now that I could afford its $2 price tag. And, I did just to remind myself never to work in retail again. The end.

Also, this is my first ever. #patontheback #amiagrownupyet #probablynot #whenarewegoingtotalkinhashtags


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  2. There in something fastionable. Beautiful things. There
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  3. Love your outfit! I totally had that same vest in light pink and just donated it to Goodwill a few weeks when I cleaned out my closet! Now I wish I'd kept it! I did keep about a zillion other vests though (My name is Sara and I hoard vests.) so I think I'll be okay. Found you through the daybook and love your blog! xoxo, Sara

  4. Super cute! I just posted an outfit with a shirt that I bought recently that's the same color, LOVE mint green! Although, that shirt is the only thing I own that color...hmmm....
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. Hey!
    Sweet outfit and very nice blog :D

  6. Love the shoes!

    xo Jennifer

  7. Love the vest! Cant believe its your first! Enjoy the time home!

  8. Love how you styled this! It's so fun when you find something in a thrift store that you remember being in a retail store ... Then again, it can make me feel old, but I just ignore that feeling!
    Kel x

  9. I TOTALLY used to have a vest like that when I was a kid, haha. Brings back some memories of cold days. :) Love how you styled it! The neutral colors and stripes really emphasize the green of the vest.

    <3 Samantha