So this isn't really an outfit post..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
..It's more random ramblings and thoughts I've had lately. So....yesterday I wore this outfit:

Forever 21 cardigan (similar); Gap t-shirt, $10 (similar); drawstring pants via sample sale, $1 (similar); two-tone brogues c/o Wanted Shoes; BAGS

Yeah, it's super sexy -- I know. NO, REALLY. Let me explain... If you haven't noticed, my outfits have been really. simple. lately. It wasn't fun to get dressed. I was thinking too much and trying too hard and it sucked all the fun out of fashion for me. That may be one of the reasons why I haven't been taking as many outfit pictures.. It may not seem like it because the outfits on the blog are a few weeks late but if you check my FB album, you can tell I've been taking a lot of camera outfit pics lately..

Maybe it was the cruise and having a limited wardrobe and just wearing the clothes without over-analyzing it like when I stare at my closet for hours like a dummy. (Quite literally.) All I know is yesterday when I woke up, I put these clothes on without thinking twice about it and it felt GREAT even though I know I looked like a total bum. There was no morning ritual of "Oh, this is okay..." and then 5 minutes later "No, it's not. I'm gonna change." Repeat 10x. Chase hates it. Rosie loves it because that means she can lay her furriness all over the clothes I strew on the bed and floor... We love our lint roller around here..

I don't know what I'm trying to say. Maybe that we should all let go of our insecurities and ideas of what is right and wrong in fashion and just have fun with it. Maybe that even if this doesn't match that that it's OKAY and wear it anyway. If you don't like it, learn to love the person in it more instead of letting your clothes define you. Maybe that is what I'm trying to say.

P.S. I'll try to get cruise pics up soon!! We took sooo many!!! Not. I'm just lazy.


  1. You got to have those lazy days sometimes. But hey, pretty sure those awesomr shoes make this 'lazy' outfit look cool.

  2. You are looking very cool with lazy outfitting.

  3. I'm going to be really honest here, Elaine. I've followed Clothed Much for a few years now and I have to say that your oufits definitely have gotten simpler. I really liked the days when you would 'dress up' for work with lipstick and heels and skirts and belts and jewelry. NOT saying you need all of that to be fashionable! In fact, my favorite two outfits of yours right now are the ones you style with your striped pajama pants and those mustard colored gauchos.
    The point is, we all get in a fashion rut. At my worst, I've worn things that haven't matched and not cared about it at all. But never forget that fashion is supposed to be really FUN! And it can make you feel really good about yourself when you're being creative, too.
    One of the things that helped me dig myself out of a recent fashion rut was when I stopped trying to dress 'practically and comfortably' and just let my personality show through.
    I did this by making myself unique bracelets and discovering new and unconventional ways to wear them. I started buying daring colors (like magenta, which is like burgundy but timeless) that I wouldn't normally buy so I wouldn't be tempted to fall back on my default outfit of all black. I started experimenting with hair and makeup and heels and whatever helped me feel more confident. It's risky stuff, I'm telling you. A lot of people stare at me. (Probably because not very many other people dress like this in my high school.) But hey, fashion risks are kind of good.
    I remember you wrote that post about a polka dot outfit you later changed out of, because you didn't feel 'comfortable' enough in it. I've done this so. many. times. But having the courage to just wear what you please really frees you to be REALLY CREATIVE. And that's what pops you out of a fashion rut.
    I love your simple outfits, I really do. I love how you're kind of coolly apathetic about them. But don't try to force something out just to please the readers here on CM. I know from experience that never turns out well, especially because then the wearer keeps second-guessing herself.
    The minute you stop dressing for us, your readers, the the moment you'll get out of your rut. One last thing--I love that you have a limited wardrobe--it would be really cool to see you experiement with convertible clothing, like wearing a dress under a skirt to look like a top, or wearing leggings as a scarf, etc. Be unconventional! I have faith you'll cook up some amazing and modest outfits in the future. Finally, keep up the great work. Know that you've inspired many fashionistas--including me-- to have fun dressing modestly.
    "Clarissa Rivers"
    The Fashion Caper

  4. May be a simple outfit but I still like it very much! Came across your blog and I will definitely continue to visit. Love your outfits and how thrifty you are.

  5. Totally wish I can give you a pound on this one. I have been going through the same thing lately where I just am finding my love of fashion to be more of a burden than a joy. Yesterday, I threw something on without thinking about it, and I LOVED it. Am going to try harder to not try so hard, if that makes sense. :) Love that I'm not the only one who feels this way! And welcome back, hun!

  6. Yay for comfy clothes. And yes, they can look sexy too.

  7. those are awesome brogues! i love the metallic accents!

  8. I feel you, dawg. And I promise to never say that again. But no really, you're one of my all-time fave fashioners b/c you dress like a real person who does things in clothes and maybe actually wants to be comfortable every now and again! I know you're not out in a boat fishing for compliments but seriously? You look great.

  9. "We should all let go of our insecurities and ideas of what is right and wrong in fashion and just have fun with it. Maybe that even if this doesn't match that that it's OKAY and wear it anyway. If you don't like it, learn to love the person in it more instead of letting your clothes define you." - YES. :)
    Ideally, dressing thoughtfully and with a sense of fun and adventure should help us feel confident and our best self. But there's a fine line between feeling empowered and feeling inadequate when it comes to style. I think the inadequacy and stress come from comparing ourselves to others (hard habit to kick).
    p.s. those shoes make me happy. :)

  10. dude. before i had a fashion blog, i thought i was really stylish. now i hate almost every thing i wear. what gives?

  11. I actually really love this outfit. It's like casual with the trousers and tee but smartened up with the brogues and blazer :}

  12. Amen, sister! Just enjoy the clothes you wear. I heard a great quote from the creative director of Madewell about how many people fall victim to fashion and the Madewell customer is not a victim to fashion. That really resonated with me and I try to remind myself to not be a victim to fashion.



  13. Welcome to my mornings! Half the time I just grab what I have clean and make something up because I don't have 5mins to spare to plan something out.

    I've realized it's ok to do that and sometimes I get some creative outfits when I don't think too much about it :)

  14. fantastic post. :) thanks for putting this out there!

  15. I always find that I love my outfits more when I don't think about it... but it's hard not to!

    xo Jennifer