How To Make a Shoulder Bow Top by Kristina

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm pretty sure the entire female population went crazy when Anthropologie introduced the Volante shirt 
(myself included). I mean, who wouldn't swoon over something so chic and feminine, huh? Bows on the shoulder? Eeepp! That'll make any girl feel fierce. I found this light-weight sweater I'd bought on clearance from the LOFT perishing in the darkness of my sweater bin under the bed. And, as you might as well know, I sorta have this personality flaw that causes me to look at clothes and think,  Well, shoot...I can pull that off! Armed with a bit of know-how and half a yard of gray lining fabric, you can come up with a version that's pretty close to the original.

I chose these sizes for no good was all pretty much guesswork, but they ended up being the perfect size.

Do this gently. You don't want to accidentally push through your stitching. At this point, you'll also want to press the pieces flat.

I used my machine to sew the pieces down right across the gathering stitches.

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