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Thursday, May 10, 2012
Shade Clothing Stripe Boatneck Slub Tee, $14.99

If you love stripes (Okay, first of all, what kind of question is that.. Who doesn't love stripes?!?), you need to stop what you're doing and buy this shirt right now! I just bought mine. It is $16 with tax and free shipping. Still keeping my $20 and under rule! Plus, it's modest! Gogogogo!


  1. I was looking for a shirt like this!!! Thank you so much for the post!!!!

  2. Oh, good! I'm glad you mentioned something about the shrinkage. It looks like it would shrink but on the model it looked loose. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Hilarious. I got this EXACT SHIRT for my bday in November and just bought it in all the other colors three weeks ago. Favorite shirt of all time. It did shrink first wash, but it seemed to be made slightly bigger to compensate for it.