Raise a Neckline with Ruffles by Kristina

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I bought this dress because I absolutely loved the vintage print on this netting fabric, but knew I'd have to adjust the low neckline to be comfortable in it. Since we're all about modesty over here, I wanted to feature a tutorial that explains how you can raise a round neckline using ruffles.

The dress was tea-length with plenty of extra fabric at the bottom that I used for the ruffles. If the fabric of your dress will unravel, you will need to finish off the edges. You could also use a coordinating color of fabric to make your ruffles if the length of your dress doesn't allow it.

Cut out the fabric in a half moon, slightly wider than the width from shoulder strap to shoulder strap. Try the dress on to double check where you want this piece to be placed.

Netting won't unravel, so I left the top edges raw to match the unfinished hem.

This isn't an exact science...just use your eye to pin the remaining ruffles, then sew to your dress. The end result will have a dreamy, fluttery effect that matches the cut of the dress.


  1. What a freaking brilliant idea! I'm so conscious about low cut dress, especially since I have a large bust, and it's just too much skin, but this frill idea is BRILLIANT!!!

    Thanks girls!!

  2. Great idea! This looks great!


  3. what great inspiration!
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    xx Julie xx

  5. brilliant!  sometimes I feel like wearing a tank under everything can cheapen the look of a cute dress...especially with a cute print like that! 

  6. That's a great idea! I'm going to have to keep this in mind next time I find a dress with a really low neckline.


  7. The ruffles make it look so much better!

  8. That's GENIUS! Plus, I think I like the dress better with the ruffles, anyway!! 

  9. Love this! I will have to try this with a couple of my outfits!!

  10. Love it! I've gotten to the point where I won't buy a dress if the neckline is too low. I hate having to put a tank under it! This is a brilliantly cute idea.