Just for kicks...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
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Aldo Pisula, $65

I don't usually post men's fashion on here because let's face it... I know nothing about it. But we finally got my husband some new sneakers since the ones we got him from JCPenney were falling apart. I loved his choice of light blue with the yellow laces. Now what to do about updating the rest of his clothes... Small steps?


  1. Start them with shoes. Always. And then segway into a great pair of jeans to showcase the shoes. Then a cool shirt to go with new jeans and cool shoes.

    I'm a year into marriage and I don't think my husband owns any of his clothes (other than athletic gear) that he had before we met! And he loves all his new stuff!

    Baby steps... :)


  2. Really nice kicks. :)
    My husband loves to shop, and loves fashion, so I'm lucky. Because I'm pretty clueless about men's fashion.


  3. You've already gone farther with you hubs than I have with the BF - congrats, awesome shoes!

  4. i had to start my hubs with the jeans and pants, then moved to shirts.  the shoes have been the most difficult to change.  i need tips!  

  5. Have him read through my blog. I'm sure plenty of my decisions will be too bold for him, there are some standards like plain front khakis and oxford cloth button downs that look good on every man. And a good pair of plain old boat shoes. Not Sperry billfish or bluefish models, but the "authentic/original" ones. Most people start with brown, but I am partial to navy blue... JC Penney's actually carries a Ralph Lauren brand called "American Living" which has most of the staples for really low prices at the same quality as Polo. Given my small size, I save even more because I wear boys.