Happy Earth Day!

Sunday, April 22, 2012
Just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know about a video I did with The Girls with Glasses for Earth Day along with Natalie and Joy! I shared my resolution to help Mother Earth:  you'll totes never guess.... #sopunny Check. it. out!

What are you going to do to help the Earth?


  1. Happy Earthday Elaine!
    I'm going to drive less, walk more, we always use reusable bags for groceries and all forms of shopping.
    And in the fashion department, I'm committed to shopping second hand, in the hopes of reducing the emphasis on "fast fashion" which is very bad for the environment.


  2. I participated in a town clean-up.  An empty lot had turned into a bit of a trash dump.  It looks great now!

  3. Not sure if it will help the earth but we're eating something from the earth, provided by our Heavenly Father....crawfish!

  4. Hello! I do love your blog and really admire EVERYONE who wears modestly clothes.

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  5. Aw, you look so cute, Elaine! I also love the reusable bags...they're so useful! But for Earth Day, I'm going to try and be better about remembering to actually take them OUT of my trunk and INTO the grocery store! =) I also use paper shopping bags to collect my recyclables and then recycle the bag as well. 


  6. gotta love that earth day!!

    livi :)