Easter Style Inspiration from the Archives

Monday, April 02, 2012
I received a reader question about what to wear for Easter this upcoming Sunday. Essence wondered what other options there were besides the typical pastel color palette we usually see on this holiday. Here are some other ways to dress up this Easter Sunday...


The first thing I thought of besides pastels was florals! Wear it with my favorite pattern combo, stripes and florals, to make things a little more interesting among the sea of pastels you'll probably be seeing a lot of.

Adding a pearl necklace will instantly class up your Easter outfit like on the left.

Don't have anything floral print? How about floral themed jewelry and accessories? If you're not ready to look like a garden from head-to-toe, keep the rest of your outfit simple and wear it in your accessories like a scarf-belt, flower necklace, or flower pin.

The Color Green

For some reason, when I think of spring and Easter, the color green comes to mind.. Just me? I think any light green would work with my favorite being chartreuse. I paired my green with a floral skirt, Kari wore hers with a striped skirt, and Kristine wore hers with a textured "skirt."

Add a pop of color for a fun little detail like a pink necklace, clutch, or belt.

Bold Print

I love this look from Kari. The dress has pink and yellow pastels in it and it looks springy but the pattern is edgy that it doesn't look so feminine. And pairing it with the lacy wedges creates a great contrast with the bold print. Create a similar Easter look by pairing a light-colored bold-printed dress with feminine details in your accessories whether it's your jewelry, shoes, or a clutch.

Bright Colors

If you're lacking in all things floral, green, and bold prints, go for bright colors! I would make sure it isn't too over-the-top since Easter isn't a fashion show. (Or is it?) Maybe one bold color like the hot pink skirt you see below with less subdued colors coordinated around it.

What do you plan on wearing this Easter? Link up below!


  1. Thanks for hosting the link up party!
    I've submitted my look! :)


  2. I'm Jewish, so I'll probably look the same on Easter as every other day! :)

  3. I think I want to wear a pink skirt. I love the one you wore in this post. Any recommendations on where to find an affordable one?

  4. Sarah-Anne LyonsApril 3, 2012 at 5:42 PM

    i love all your tips...i'm actually planning on wearing a pale green shirt myself!

  5. u r so pretty...u look amazing wtvr u wore