No Shampoo? No Shower? No Problem. by Monica

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Hello! My name is Monica, but you can call me your newest e-roommate. My best friend/ex-roommate and I blog over at Ask the Duplex, a blog where we ask all of the questions that we used to be able to ask our roommates any hour of the day.

Disclaimer:  This post may or may not gross you out. You may also lose all respect for me as your surrogate roommate. If you are one who believes in personal hygiene, bathing, or have a fear of lice, please exit this post at your earliest convenience.

People often wonder how I can go so long without washing my hair. I mentioned in a recent post that I have a toolkit full of dirty (literally) little secrets. I have a lifetime supply of secrets, and I actually studied trichology for 2,000 hours. Okay, I just went to cosmetology school, but trichology just sounds a lot cooler. And, my goal in life is to sound cool.

So, let's delve in, shall we? Take the picture below for example:

Looks clean, right? It's not. In fact, it's not clean at all and it's actually healthier than it would be if I washed my hair every day or even every other day.

So, let's discuss how to fool people into believing you're clean...

Wash your hair two times. Yeah, you heard me. Scrub that little noggin of yours twice. It goes a little something like this... You get in the shower, wet your hair down, put shampoo in your hair, scrub it a lot, rinse it out. Then, do this all over again:  get more shampoo, scrub, and rinse. You are washing and rinsing your hair two times -- one time to get all the gunk out (e.g., baby powder, hairspray) and one time to get the hair nice and clean.

Get scrubbin'. When I say scrub that noggin, I'm not joking. Get those little fingernails ready and scrub like you mean it.

Condition from the earlobes down. After you have scrubbed your scalp nice and clean, you need to condition the ENDS of your hair. Ends, being the key word here, folks. Your roots don't need conditioning.

Get your hands outta there. Remember when it was cool to run your fingers through your hair? You would start at the bangs and push the hair back, but then two seconds later it would fall back to a middle part, so then you'd have to run your fingers through it again. Anyone remember that? Or was that just cool at my Junior High? Anyways, it's not cool anymore. Don't do it.

Get some baby powder. Baby powder will change your life. Blonde hair, red hair, brown hair, black hair. It doesn't matter. Baby powder soaks up oils and let's you go longer between washes. All you do is put some baby powder in your hands (preferably a scented kind - you smell less like a baby that way), whip your head upside down and put the baby powder straight in the roots. Then brush it out. Then avoid giving your husband a hug while he is wearing a black suit. Also, avoid going straight to the gym -- you may or may not come home with white all over your face.

Put hairspray in your roots. A little teasing never did anyone any harm. Well, maybe it harmed Hillary Duff just a little bit. But, if your bangs are looking a little greasy, backcomb it (tease it), and spray it with hairspray. Let it sit for a bit, then slightly brush it out.

Lay off the products. Hairdressers sometimes encourage you to buy a bunch of crap to put in your hair. You really don't need a ton of products, especially at your roots. Try to avoid putting products at your roots for a while and see if you can tell a difference. If you're putting something like gloss drops or Biosilk in your hair, make sure it is only going on the ends.

And, now for two dirty hair pics..

That is all for now. Enjoy the extra hours in the day now that you aren't showering, blow drying, and flat-ironing your life away.

Also, how to keep your hair healthy.


  1. I tried this once and I had trouble, but you make me want to try again. How often do you shampoo then? And when you do what shampoo do you use? have you tried the baking soda ACV thing? Your hair looks wonderful!

    --heather anderson @

  2. great post!  i only wash my hair 2x week.  but i never thought of washing it 2x during 1 shower.  i'll try it next time i wash.  and i use dry shampoo instead of baby powder. :)

  3. I've only been washing my hair every other day but I went to get it less often. How often do you wash? I'll definitely have to buy some baby powder. Do you like dry shampoo?

  4. I have pretty curly hair, so it's dry and can frizz (and fall out) if I wash it too much. Curly girls usually have to use a lot of product to tame the beast, so I do a once a week apple cider vinegar treatment in the shower to get all the gunk off my scalp. I also use a gentle clarifying shampoo to help keep it voluminous without extra products! People always think it's so gross that I don't wash my hair very often, but they wouldn't know unless I told them.

    And the days in between washes? Psst or Suave dry shampoo or Burt's Bees baby powder!

  5. excellent tips! Thanks for these.

    I have really thick hair, and I've found that dry shampoos aren't super effective, so maybe I'll try this baby powder idea. :)


  6. Love it I actually don't use shampoo at all, but a no-poo method and probably wash my hair once or twice a week. Instead of baby powder which can contain unwanted chemicals I use cornstarch or cocoa. Yes I smell like chocolate. Cocoa works best on darker hair as it will give a reddish tint to it. Bonus is it helps cover up those grey, um blond highlights I tend to have. 

  7. Great tips, thank you! I'm going to try the baby powder option and I definitely need to stop conditioning my hair from the roots down.

  8. whoa. i might actually be able to do this! will try it this weekend on mah SUPER oily hair...

  9. I have super oily hair and I've got it down to going 2 or 3 days between washes. I've also started coloring my hair in the last few years and that helps with the oil a lot. 

  10. I only wash every other day, but I have yet to find a dry shampoo that can make my hair look clean after a really sweaty workout. Does anyone else have this problem?

  11. So I have dreads, got them back in August. At first it was horrible not being able to wash my hair as often as I liked...which was about every 2 days. The first week with dreads and not washing was horrible. My scalp was itchy and the roots were so oily and greasy. But you can train your scalp, seriously. After about 2 weeks of not washing and brushing, my scalp stopped producing so much oil. I now wash my hair once about every 3 weeks, but spray it with tea tree and peppermint oils on the daily. Don't worry, there are no spiders or bugs in these locks! Dreads are CLEAN people!!!! 

  12. i'm ALL about not washing my hair! i use dry shampoo- and only wash my hair every 5 days or so. thanks for the other tips!!

  13. That is the reason why I can't skip washing my hair... I work out (almost) daily and it just feels gross to me to have sweaty hair so I can't do the no shampooing!!!

  14. Ohhh.. I am intrigued. What is ACV?

  15. I actually have never purchased dry shampoo because it is a lot more expensive than baby powder.  I buy a huge thing of baby powder for about 2 bucks and it lasts me YEARS.  I am sure I would like the dry shampoo, though.  So it is probably better that I don't try it.  

  16. Cornstarch and cocoa is such a fabulous idea.  

  17. Haha.  I know what you guys mean.  I feel kind of gross sometimes, too.  But actually the natural oils (and sweat) can actually be good for your hair.  I just do a quick blow dry post workout.  Works like a charm. 

  18. Spraying it with tea tree oil is such a fabulous idea!

  19. Try it!  I even use baby powder when my hair is clean.  It gives it a little more volume- and it is easier to work with.  


    I bet it would work wonders for you. I just bought some
    baby powder to try your method (Wal-Mart sells these mini packs of them, cute
    to carry in your purse) well the whole "no poo" method is basically a
    way to get away from the harsh chemicals of regular shampoos (sulfates,
    parabens, ect) You just stop using shampoo altogether, and instead use
    different cleansing methods (some people just use water and boar bristle
    brushes, other use watered down shampoo, some use dry shampoos (kind-of like
    your idea, sprinkle in baby powder, cornstarch or baking soda, then brush it
    out) but the most popular way is the baking soda- ACV combo. Baking soda works
    as a cleaning agent, (you dilute it in warm water, and apply to the roots of
    your hair, and scrub) then rinse with water, then again with ACV (apple cider
    vinegar), apple cider vinegar is VERY conditioning and restores the PH balance
    to your hair. People SWEAR by this, and I have seen great results, but my hair
    never seemed to like it too much, it just got too oily. (It takes like a month
    for your hair to get over the no-shampoo shock, but supposedly your hair gets
    used to not being shampoo-ed as much, it makes it healthy. I don’t know you
    should try it, I like the idea, I’m just not sure if I didn’t give it enough
    time or if it didn’t work for me.  

    Let me know if you try, There is a lot of great
    information online about it. I bet you would love it, your post reminded me of

  21. Holy moly.  I had no idea people did this! I wonder if I have the patience to try it. 

  22. ha I know, I just couldn't stand looking crappy for a whole month. Thats why I like your ideas, Kind-of a less extreme version. Thanks again for the tip!

    --heather anderson @

  23. Gina@BowtiedBelle.blogspot.comMarch 29, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    Definitely do some of these things! Shampoo twice...AND I keep switching shampoos (I rotate between about 4), which keeps my hair cleaner longer. And, if all else fails- HATS! 

  24. Yes this was my question....extending the time between washings when you work out and sweat like crazy. If I don't work out I think I can go to 2x/week but since my head loves to work up a sweat, I wonder....

  25. Thanks for the post! I have shorter, fine hair so unless Im wearing a beanie/hat or not leaving my apt i have to wash my hair. I have tried baby powder but i have dark hair so it gives me a weird whitish hue, even after brushing it in. I use dry shampoo sometimes and that works pretty well, but I have to use the darker colored kind or i get the same effect as the baby powder. so frustrating! makes me wish i had blond hair