Neon Investments by Melissa

Saturday, March 24, 2012
J.Crew blouse (similar); Victoria's Secret skirt; Marshall's booties (similar); necklace with charms (similar); Coach purse (similar)
If you're tired of slits up the back of your pencil skirt, try some pleats!
My shoes were a Christmas present that I am currently obsessed with. I love my heels, but my wedges just might become first...
I hardly wear necklaces, but I have collected quite a few over the years, so I tried to maximize all the charms I don't wear on one chain. I think I kinda like it. Maybe I will start wearing necklaces....maybe.
So I totally agree with Shannon in her post on making an investment in clothes. There aren’t many that are worth the price tag - especially when the turn-over in fashion is SO fast now. Neons are one of those I think is going to fade fast, but I love them! So, I invested in neon.

I love my new silk, neon pink blouse from J.Crew. I have never had a more perfect fit with a button-down. I am SO long waisted that the majority of button-downs I try on all stop too short and the waist sits where my rib cage is. This problem has been hidden with high-waisted pencil skirts and sweaters. But, with this blouse I can feel the freedom of shirt tails flying free. (Dramatic? Maybe, but wouldn't I be when I've spent most of my life searching for a button-up that isn't too short?) Price tag totally worth it. I would buy this blouse in every color. With such a bright color, I got nervous and kept everything neutral. So, what do you think? Are neons going to stick around?


  1. I really really need that jcrew top! It looks so good and its the perfect shade of pink!!

  2. I know it's supposed to be about that beautiful blouse, but I love those booties and that skirt. Very nice pieces.


  3. SOOOO loving that neon top. I'm such a sucker for neon pieces!

  4. The shirt is fantastic! Looks great on you! What is even more fantastic about this outfit is that gorgeous skirt!

  5. Neon suits you amazingly! 

  6. wedges are the best! so much easier than most heels- and those are lovely.
    Marie @ 
    Lemondrop ViNtAge 

  7. i am wearing neon yellow with a cute khaki trench vest from old navy clearance.  i don't care if it stays around or not.  neon probably won't stick around, but they always come back.  they are fun.

  8. LOVE the neon pink with the neutrals! That shirt is bomb.

  9. loving the neon with the neutral!