DIY Tuxedo Blouse by Kristina

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Materials needed:
  • 1/4 yard lace
  • 1 spool grosgrain ribbon
  • 6 buttons

Because the ribbon is heavier than the lace, it will curl like this until you flatten it out. Notice, I also attached another length of lace beneath the two gathered layers, but I cut it about an inch wider so it would peek out from under the top layers, letting the black ribbon pop against the white.

You could skip this step, but I thought it looked cool to have the bottom come together.

Way less boring, no?


  1. Oh, it's the best ones that make it look/sound easy. I think this is way out of my DIY abilities, but I really love what you've accomplished! I did my own super easy cap toe shoe DIY on my blog this week. More at my level. ;)


  2. Oh, it's great, i love DIY things and it's so easy and looks good!

  3. This is AMAZING!!!  I can't do anything by myself to save my own life, but I may need to hire you to make it for me!

  4. Love this!  Super cute! xo,

  5. loooove it!!! best DIY ever!!

  6. Oh my goodness!! First, I love it, second, I am pinning it right now!!

  7. Such a simple, yet classy looking diy! Props to you Kristina! I can't wait to get my hands on some lace and a plain black blouse.

  8. thanks for sharing it looks great