Clothed Much 2011 Survey Results

Friday, February 10, 2012
And the results are in! Thanks to all of you who participated in my survey! And to those who didn't, it's a good thing it was anonymous because I would've done nothing anyway. But,'re not getting an iPad. (Also, I know this is hard to read with all these pie charts {mmmm, pie} so for them to make sense, please read the captions BELOW the pies. And if that didn't make sense, I should probably learn English.)

When do you read CM?
Do you consciously dress modestly?
Do you like the recent changes?
How many times have you bought
something because of CM?
What would you like to see more of?

And even though the survey was anonymous, I didn't include the income and education level because I know for some people, they are sensitive subjects. So let's discuss the survey basics...
  • The gender and age of the majority of the CM readers haven't changed. The 18-24 range decreased and it looks like some of that percentage got kicked into the 25-30 range. Let's face it. We're getting
  • I didn't include the "How many times do you read CM?" question this time because I tried to make it more exciting for you and asked WHEN you read CM. Clever, right? Not really. Besides satisfying my curiousity, this information was useless. So thank you for answering a silly question.
  • I was very happy to see that the majority of you liked the new changes!!!! And for those who don't, I'm sorry but change is inevitable and I am lazy.
  • The results for purchases influenced by CM were the same. Understandable. This site is more about remixing your clothes than buying. But if you do buy something, let me know! I'd love to see your take on similar items.
  • Even though the results for the "more on CM" question was predictable, it was still a good reassurance for me to see it. Sometimes I forget you guys are here for the style and outfits...especially when the last thing I want to do in the morning is take pictures with baggy eyes, a pimpled face, and bedhead hair. Srsly, so pretty. I will try my best to incorporate more variety along with outfit posts!

And then the open ended questions....
What do you like most about CM?

I just loved reading these! I forgot how nice some of you guys are sometimes. A lot of comments were similar to last year's responses such as liking the style and outfits featured, modesty, remixing, fashion on a small budget, and MEMEME!!! You guys really like me!!!!!!! Because I'm so real and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 No, but seriously, I am. No, really... Thank you for all your nice comments. *Virtualhugs* #okayletgoit'sgettingawkward I loved every single one of them. I actually have several favorites that I wanted to share but I didn't want to appear more narcissistic than I feel right now so shall we move on?

What would you like improved about CM?

I think it was good for me to keep this optional. For some reason, last year's responses were hard to read. This year wasn't too bad. Maybe because I am almost perfect? (Re: narcissism -- please see above paragraph.) But, really, thank you for all your suggestions. I've tucked them away and will take all of them into consideration if I haven't already.

A few things I'd like to address:
  • Guest bloggers. I know not everyone loves them but like I mentioned before, it's something I've thought and pondered about for a while and it is a direction I think will be good for CM. I'm still trying to figure out scheduling and spacing out guest bloggers and contributors so it doesn't seem so fractured. It's going to take some time and trial and error because I'm still learning but I'm feeling more confident about this direction and I hope you do too.
  • The new blog layout. Some of you have expressed your concerns about the new "click here" links. I promise it wasn't for the numbers or to make your lives harder. It was for organization. I realized my blog is more of an archive of outfits than anything else. To organize these outfits, I've created a label system on the right by clothing type. To sift through the hundreds of outfits on the blog, I liked the idea of smaller pictures on the side with a post snippet instead of posts of huge pictures to makes it easier to search for outfits. I hope this made sense. If you noticed, a lot of bigger websites have these links for the same or similar reason. It makes a website cleaner, more efficient, and loads faster.
  • Attitude/snottiness. A few of you have mentioned my attitude and snottiness. Honestly, I just come off that way, even in real life. I think it's because I'm an introvert. For example, I don't care for chit-chat or shallow conversations. I'm the type of person who will tell it to you straight. Unfortunately, some people don't understand that and/or don't like it. And that's fine. Not everyone does/will because we're all different.

What I've learned:
Similar to what I learned last year. I think it's fitting to repeat.
  • I can't please everyone. Somebody is going to like A about my blog and not B but someone else will like B more than guest bloggers.
  • But the biggest thing I've learned is to not take things so personally. It's funny.... The one negative comment from the sea of positive would ruin my day. I would want to quit blogging and hide in my bed for the rest of the day. But I'm learning to develop a thick skin and I'd like to think I'm getting better at it.
  • And still.....I'm learning....more about me, more about people, more about the blog...and it's all because of you guys. Thank you!
  • (OMGz, so deep.)

I know this was a bore and a half to read. If you've made it this far, congratulations! More homework:  I'd like to know your thoughts or questions or concerns. Thanks again for all of your responses!!!


  1. Again, I like the guest bloggers. Now that I'm used to your reduced blogging frequency, it's a treat when you do post and I'm fine with that.

    Good for you about the tough skin... I'm one of the 2% of readers in her 50s and I'm having to learn it now.

  2. I've never perceived you as having an attitude or being snotty. I think you're funny and your personality is a big part of the reason why I like your blog! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some small talk to be avoiding as well.

    Fellow Introvert

  3. I know what you mean about the "negative comments" (we all know it's read "anonymous commentor" This might sound weird, but I always take the time to pray for someone who leaves me a nasty comment. I was getting really irratated by someone awhile back, God busted me though. I started to see that maybe they're just hurting, so they're lashing out by leaving rude comments on my blog. I seem to convict people, even when I'm not saying anything that should be convicting. So I figure it's actaully a good thing to convict people (especially in the area of modesty) It means I'm making a difference in their lives!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. Agh, the negative comments. Why do people bother? And if you don't like me...why are you on my blog? Sometimes, the anonymity of the Internet is a curse. Glad to see that you are developing a thicker skin, although I know it's easier said than done. But just remember, I think you are SUPER AWESOME, and my opinion is really the only one that matters. To me. Ah, I can see why I get negative comments now. ;) JK. Thanks for posting the results!

  5. This looks great Eliane. Overall people LOVE you and your blog. I know I am still on here everyday seeing what you post :)

  6. Ashley of flats to flip flopsFebruary 10, 2012 at 11:07 AM

    Gotta do you Elaine!  Which personally, I love!  Keep it up!

  7. I agree with adelfa-- it's more of a treat when you post now. I'm not the biggest fan of guest bloggers, but I know why you're doing it, and I accept it. {As if I had any other choice-- HA!} Honestly, I just don't click on the guest blogger posts unless the title catches my eye.

  8. You know, if someone doesn't like your blog, then they shouldn't be reading it. Simple as that. :D Cheers!

  9. Hey the 1% who said never are they had to read your post to

  10. I find you honest and refreshingly funny, not full-of-attitude and snotty. But maybe that's because I'm an introvert too?? Yay introverts!  :)

  11. I love the 1% that never read the blog but took the time to take the survey. People are silly.

  12. Snotty?  I don't get that vibe at all....weird.

  13. I would never have guessed snotty! Maybe sarcastic!

    Seriously though. One reason I love your blog is because you are a real person, and not some overly-glamorized person who I can't connect to at all. 

    XOXO, Lindsey

  14. I loved all the pie charts =P I like your sarcasm, its YOU, and I'm really sarcastic but I'm afraid people wouldn't understand so I really like your blog and how you write =) But seriously? WHERES MY IPAD? =P

  15. That was my favorite part, I cracked up when I saw that :)

  16. I would never have guessed that you had an attitude or were snotty. I was shocked when I read that part but then you mentioned that you were an introvert, and I was like, "Oh! That's why I never would have thought that!". I'm an introvert too, I know how you feel about chit-chat, shallow conversations, or telling it to people straight, ect. Many times I need to explain being an introvert to co-workers and even my family sometimes.

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  18. Girrrrrl, you have got fashion skills :) Keep on rocking my mind with your ensembles.