A Trendy Look into 2012 by Shannon

Monday, January 09, 2012
1960s Fashion Influence

I LOVE and hate this at the same time. I've always loved so much about the 1960s but the skirts and dresses are so short. So you will have to adjust this look to make it modest.

Drop-waist dress

It has been all about the high-waist lately but if you want to be fashion forward try the drop-waist dress! These dresses have a 1920s feel to it. I can't wait to find the perfect drop-waist dress! I might even have one made so I can get it just right.

Color & Color Blocking

It's going to be a bright and colorful 2012! It makes me happy just looking at this picture. I'm seeing a lot of tangerine orange in the Spring 2012 lines as well as greens and blues.

Asian Influenced Fashion

Incorporate this trend in anything from the cut of the clothing, print, or fabric. If it has an Asian feel to it, you are going to be right on. My favorite part of this trend is the silk fabric!

Whatever tends you chose to try 2012 it should be a great year in fashion! I excited to see the interpretation of these trends by all you amazing fashion bloggers out there.


  1. I think i love all of these trends. I love the 60s the most but not because of whort skirts so rather of the cuts and prints.

  2. I love all these trends! Color Blocking is still around, which is amazing, but it's so cute and looks good on everyone! x

  3. Love the orange dress! love the drop-waist look! 

  4. I'm so excited that colours are big again - I've been eyeing a pair of green jeans. Great post!

  5. I've already tried color blocking so I'm okay in trying it again this year. What I am baffled about is the drop waist dress. I've been so used to accentuating my waist that it'll be hard for me to throw that "rule" out the window for that trend. But it sure does look comfy..

  6. Here's the thing....
    Drop waist styles are NOT very flattering. Sure they may be the 'in' thing this season, but let's face it...there's a reason why we left that style behind in the 20s! A low waist on anyone with a remove curve of hips will create an unflattering tightness that makes the garment look ill-fitting. NOT a good look.
    The advantage of the high waist is that it conceals hips and instead focuses on a feature most women like to accentuate: their waist. This is why this trend has stayed around so long.
    As for the asian inspired looks...be careful. Silk fabrics are hard to wash, and harder to iron. Plus, frankly speaking, it usually looks pretty odd when a caucasian tries to wear 'asian inspired' clothing. You might even offend some people.  

  7. Great pictures!  I love the theatrical hair and earrings in the first one.

  8. Just say no to the drop waists, right?

  9. Adrienna McDermottJanuary 9, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    I love the 60's inspiration, especially that capes are back in style!

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  11. dearstylishnewyorkerJanuary 11, 2012 at 9:41 PM

    I agree with the color trends.for 2012 :-) I love colors you don't catch a lot of ppl wearin

  12. OMG i love it! The woman from the first picture it's so beautiful.

  13. The last picture is so beautiful! Love that outfit.