LBD with Colored Tights

Thursday, December 15, 2011
I got a reader question about how to style this J.Crew LBD with colored tights for holiday parties. (Perfect timing with this week's RBM, eh?) I also have a hard time styling LBDs and usually keep dressorizing (= dress + accessorizing) pretty simple so I hope that is what you're looking for, Sara!

J.Crew, $188

classy legs

One of the easiest color combos is to go classic all black or black and white. To make it more modern, add pops of color. I went with soft colors with the white because it's not exactly white but more champagne. For the all black ensemble, I mixed lace with rocker chic shoes to offset each other. But since they're both black, they'll blend in together.

the blues

The only colored tights I was able to work with were blue/purple tights. I think because they are closer to black so the stark color difference won't hurt people's eyes. I added white/ivory/champagne shoes with similarly colored jewelry to make the legs the focal point. If you're going to wear color, better make it stand out!

quirky feminine

I love these striped tights! I knew these cute red flats would go perfect with them. This would be best for a more casual party with friends since it's so playful. You could add any stud earrings to this outfit if you think it's lacking in jewelry. But I thought the black pouf belt was simple but statement-worthy as a lone accessory.

leopard edge

If you're feeling wild (Ha ha, get it?), wear animal print tights! Wear them with black shoes so the tights can speak for themselves. I went with cute bows to offset that wild side. Add chains to keep the bad girl look or add romantic or cute jewelry to keep it feminine.

nerdy cute

I thought of Tania when I created this outfit. I kept it simple with earth-tone colors and minimalist accessories.

everything else I didn't use


  • When going for color, you can either focus on one colorful accessory with neutral fill-in accessories or combat the color with more color.
  • Keep it simple with an LBD. That's what makes them so classic! Don't over-do on jewelry with bright colored tights. Do one or the other.
  • If you're going for a certain style, play around with it! Don't go completely cute and feminine. Throw in some chain necklaces or black leather booties.

How would you style this dress with colored tights?


  1. I found some pretty good ideas for holiday party looks here!

  2. Yay! Great tips! I especially love the animal print... So fieeeerce!

  3. I love the lace tights and turquoise accessories.

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  4. Wonderful ideas! And I appreciate that your suggested accessories are easy on the wallet as well. :)

  5. I think you are right. These tips and ideas are very interesting! LBD can be used as canvas for something else, but it's fun sometimes to keep them the main element by keeping it simple and classic.

  6. This range is very good..thanks for share

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH ELAINE! I really appreciate it. Excellent ideas and lots of really great options!

  8. tights are by far the best holiday accessory this season. You can take any staple LBD and spice it up with a pair of fun tights!


  9. You're so welcome!!! And you should check out the RBM for more ideas too. :)

  10. love this! great tips...just what i needed go style all my black outfits :)