Last Minute Gift Guide: 10 Under $10

Thursday, December 22, 2011
AKA what my cheapo family can get me this Christmas. Everything on this list is mandatory. Let's make it happen, Cap'n.

  1. hair elastic that doubles as a cool bracelet, $4.99
  2. orange lipstick, $8.99
  3. cool mugs for sipping hot cocoa, $10
  4. colored tights, $9.09
  5. cozy wool socks, $8
  6. nail polish, $2.80
  7. dry shampoo, $5.99
  8. smell good body washes, $7.99
  9. POLAR BEAR slipper socks...POLAR BEAR!!!!, $9.99
  10. cosmetic bag that could double as a clutch, $7.80


  1. I'll have to check out that dry shampoo! :)

  2. Last year for xmas I had asked my bf to get me these thick set of winter sparkly socks from the Gap for me since I didn't want to spend money on them. I think getting ppl a nice pair of socks like cute ones that ppl will actually wear is a great idea since usually ppl won't spend the money for it. Like me I didn't want to spend the $8 on the set of socks on myself. I also did a christmas gift ideas on my blog and put colorful tights! :) 

  3. I totally agree. I honestly never buy socks for myself. My mom always seems to have an endless supply. Socks are such a predictable Christmas gift and rightly so! But only if they're cute. ;)

  4. I just bought that shade of Revlon lipstick yesterday! (As a gift for myself.)

  5. How do you like it?? Is it very orange?

  6. Great list, now I want to check out that lipstick!