Spots and Dots by Joanna

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Hi! I'm Joanna:  an actor, TV host, mom, and lover of all things fashion. Over at ModaMama, I share my daily forays into the world of clothes along with my misadventures in Mommyhood, acting, and the hilarity that is my life!

I love polka dots -- pretty much always have. But they're especially hot right now for fall. And though they can add whimsy and play to an outfit, they can also be daunting. The challenge is to keep them elegant enough and to not wind up looking like the next aspiring Minnie Mouse.

Small polka dots I find are the easiest to play with. Because it's a subtle pattern, you can do almost anything with it – mix it with other patterns, add it in accessories, dress it up or down. They're very elegant head-to-toe on a dress and really easy to to mix and match because of their simple geometric nature.

The small print is especially great for an office setting where you want to show your personality and individuality in a conservative environment. You may not want to play with anything bold or in-your-face and you want to be taken seriously. If your office is less formal or if you're trying to put together a more casual look, polka dots are great on another fall trend, the breezy, loose chiffon shirt. For cooler weather it can be layered over vests or cardigans. A nice chunky knit works really well too!

A place where polka dots hardly ever make an appearance is in evening wear. I like to stand out but not by baring too much or by shocking, so by wearing a whimsical pattern I set myself apart from the crowd in a simple and understated way. Polka dots are drastically underrated for formal and semi-formal affairs. You'll definitely stand out in a sea of LBDs with a fun polka dot pattern!

I also try to stick to a simple color palette – especially if I'm mixing patterns. When the outfit is composed of neutrals, it's easy to go bolder in terms of the polka dot size.

Next on my list is to mix polka dots with biker boots and a leather jacket – something very on trend for fall.


  1. Wow! I adore that vest!

  2. Love your outfits!!!

  3. What a great collection of dots!  Love these!

  4. Love the polka and stripes combo!!!

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  5. I love the stripes and polka dots mixed in the last photo! SUPER CUTE! I am going to have to try that one!

  6. WHERE did you get the striped maxi shirt at then end?? I want one :)