How to Style a Bold Red Shirt by Nicole

Tuesday, November 01, 2011
Hi! I am relatively new to the fashion blogging world, so I feel I should properly introduce myself before I share my insight. I am Nicole from Power Tools and Thread and fashion is one of my many passions. I use my Wear I Work column to showcase my closet creations and gain inspiration from them. Some other passions of mine include cross-stitch, cooking, color, and, apparently, alliteration.

One of my fashion conundrums that I deal with regularly is how to pair different colors and styles with anything red. Maybe I am just strange in struggling with that...or maybe I am just strange...and that's it. Anyway, not too long ago I received a gift card from Express, and one of the items I bought was a red, cowl-neck tee. I figured if I did not have to pay anything for it, why not give red a shot?

So far, I have created three different looks with that red shirt. More than I ever thought possible!

Look 1:  Playful Weekend

On the weekend, have fun with color! If you are like me and work in a conservative yet casual business environment, you may feel too loud if you wear color at work. So, give yourself a chance to play with color and mix-and-match. Above, I've combined the red shirt with a colorful necklace and yellow flats. Some colors will seem like they just don't go together, but once you give them a shot, you may just fall in love with some wacky combinations.

Look 2:  Wear To Work

Because the shirt is a bright red, I paired it with neutral colors and a classic strand of pearls to fit in with my office's casual atmosphere. As I mentioned earlier, you may feel too loud wearing a lot of color in a work environment. But, it is safe if you tone down the color by combining it with other neutrals.

Look 3:  Night on the Town

Red and black is a classic color combination with which you cannot go wrong. Keeping the look simple will keep you looking chic. And pairing the outfit with some sexy heels will make you feel like a million bucks! If you pair simple pieces with some great accessories, your outfit will transform from just okay to wowee! Definitely try different accessories to get the look you want. If you don't care for necklaces, try a scarf. If it is a little chilly in the evening, add a blazer or sweater. If you have pieces that you can mix and match, you may just have a wardrobe that seems endless!

As an aside, a great trick with long necklaces to create a different look is simply to double them up and make a shorter necklace, as I have done above. I really enjoy finding long necklaces purely because you can get more looks for your money.

What would you pair with a red shirt?


  1. i like the night out on the down look. i love when people wear red and make it look sexy!


  2. I never realised before, but I do always end up doing the same thing with red. It seems like it's such a bold colour already that it is difficult to not feel like it's too much with anything else. Interesting outfits.

  3. Love the night on the town look! What shoes are you wearing?