Extra Long Ties Giveaway (CLOSED)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
So I know you probably read the title and thought, "This does not pertain to me. IGNORE." And you're right. It doesn't -- unless you're a very tall man who reads a women's fashion blog...or you are a woman who has a tall man in her life. And then it totally pertains to you. I have a tall and skinny man. We have a doubly hard time finding clothes that fit him without making it look like I starve him. (I feed him! I swear!) Lucky for us (and maybe you?), there is an online store that sells extra long ties! Instead of you having to search all over the Internet for longer ties, they did all of that for you. They have a bajillion ties (don't quote me on that) all for under $20 each WITH free shipping. The free shipping should be enough to entice you!! With Christmas just around the corner (I haven't even started on my shopping yet!!!), this would make a great gift for that tall man in your life. Don't know one? I'll let you enter for my husband. (Just don't tell him. He doesn't read this anyway so I think we're good.)

Feel free to use the coupon code CLOTHEDMUCH5 for $5 off. That's $15 ties, ladies!!


  1. Awesome giveaway! My husband is 6'4"! Check out all my giveaways- I'm doing 12 Days of Giveaways over at Hems for Her!


  2. Ooh! I hope I win! My 6'5'' husband wears a tie every single day to work! He could use this!

  3. this is awesome! my husband is 6'6" and is a basketball coach—he can always use ties! thanks for the giveaway Elaine! 

  4. Perfect.
    1. I AM a guy who apparently reads women's fashion blogs, or at least sees your fbook feed, so like you said, this must be for me
    2. I'm a fairly tall dude
    3. My little brother is a 6'5" monster that wears ties daily
    4. I still dont have a Christmas gift for my lil bro.
    5. He is living in Taiwan, a land of short people and has no way of finding clothes that fit
    Like I said... Perfect

  5. This giveaway is also perfect for men who have been blessed with 20 inch necks.  Long ties are a must! 

  6. Yay! Something for tall men! My husband sounds just like yours :-) he's 6'7" and lanky as can be. Thank you for doing this giveaway!