How to keep your hair healthy

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

One of your best accessories, besides your great smile, is your hair. It can make you look frumpy or fabulous and we all want to be fabulous - am I right, ladies? The key to having fabulous hair is healthy hair! Here are a few tips and tricks that will have you whipping your hair as if you were starring in a shampoo commercial.
  1. Exfoliate

    Nobody likes limp, greasy hair (though if you do, more power to you!). What happens is your hair follicles get suffocated with oil, dirt, and all that hairspray you put on yesterday. This blocks the natural oils and important nutrients in order for your hair to do its thing – nourishing your locks. If you do find your hair is getting a little gross or even breaking out on your scalp, exfoliate it with a massage brush. Try Babyliss Scalp Massage Brush, $1.99.

  2. Shampoo and Condition

    Did you know it’s bad for your hair and scalp to be washed every day? It strips your hair of those oils and nutrients it needs and dries your scalp out. Try shampooing every other day. When you wash your hair, be sure to massage it with your finger tips from your hairline to the nape of your neck. If you can’t handle not washing your hair daily, try mild shampoos every other day like Klorane Gentle Shampoo with Oat Milk, $13.

    Don’t forget the conditioner! But don’t apply it directly onto your roots but the rest of your hair and most importantly your ends! I like to leave mine in for a few minutes so my hair can soak all the conditioning in. Also, deep condition your hair every few weeks. These strengthen your hair at the roots.

  3. Cut

    Make sure you get frequent trims to get rid of damaged ends. They can creep up and destroy a perfectly good strand of hair. But times that by 100,000 hairs on an average person and that’s a lot of damage… Once every eight to ten weeks is a good time frame for a cut.

  4. Diet and Exercise

    What you take into your body is reflected in your appearance…including your hair! Diet and exercise is not only good for your body but it helps your skin, nails, and hair. These ten SUPERfoods will give you gorgeous locks and glowing skin because really… who doesn’t want that? – blueberries, wild salmon, spinach, oysters, tomatoes, walnuts, kiwis, dark chocolate, yogurt, sweet potatoes. Now mash it all up in your blender and drink away.

What are some tips/tricks do you have for healthy hair?


  1. Have you tried the veggies smoothie (AKA the Green Monster) yet? I was wondering if you ended up trying it or not and since you mentioned the blender I figured I'd ask if you liked it!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. mmm always wondered what a chocolate salmon potato smoothie might taste like.

  3. Taking folic acid and Fish oil will help if grow longer and healthier. As well as the things you said (not sure about blending it all together though..yuck! LOL!) I like to use mayo in my hair for a deep condition. Coconut oil also works well (make sure you put it on dry hair and RINSE very well, otherwise your hair will be disgusting). Letting the conditioner stay in your hair for 3-5 minutes is important. I use only organic sulfate free shampoo.
    One more thing, don't style your hair to death! using too much of hair spray too many times, braiding it constantly, or curling it a ton.
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. These are some great tips! I never heard of a scalp massage brush but it sounds and looks like it would be very relaxing too...I'm always bad about getting regular cuts even though I know it's not good to wait too long in between. Now, I have to say that I'm a little worried about that "smoothie recipe" but hey, anything for healthy-looking hair, right? :P

  5. Your hair is beautiful! 
    Soon I have to go to hairdresser, my hair is really long now...

  6. i'm slowlyyy working back to being able to wash my hair every other day...i hate that when i go to bed my hair is fine but when i wake up it's greasy :( thanks for the tips, though!

  7. Well, I should probably go get my hair trimmed now that you mention it. I'm growing my hair indefinitely, and so trims tend to be counter intuitive but yeah... needs to be done.

  8. I didn't know you can exfoliate your hair! Thanks for sharing x

  9. Pre-natal pills are high in folic acid, which, if you're not pregnant can be distributed in really unhealthy ways and is actually very harmful. If you're not pregnant, just take "Hair, Skin, & Nails" supplements.

  10. I never knew about exfoliating hair, I need to try this.  Great tips!

  11. thanks for the great advice, elaine! i try to do all the things you mention! oh, and i opt for air drying my ahir over blow dying whenever possible. also, hats in the summer!! :)

    xo jeanette

  12. love your tips elaine :)  i went from gorgeous healthy hair to fried damaged with one trip to the salon, boo :(  but i've finally managed to grow it all out and get my hair back again.  p.s. this sounds weird, but pre-natal vitamins are actually really good at boosting your hair & nail growth (and no, i'm not pregnant ;-))

  13. I also try to switch up my shampoo from time to time to avoid build-up

    Just Better Together

  14. Never thought about the exfoliating!  I had a brush like that when I was younger, but just thought it was for massaging.  Gotta pick up another one!  Thanks for the tips!

  15. Braid your hair or twist it up into a bun (secured with a couple bobby pins) at night. Your head rubbing on the pillow can cause a lot of breakage so braiding it or putting it up helps minimize that.

    I need an exfoliating brush. That sounds heavenly.

    Freckles in April

  16. I use a egg protein pack one my hair at least once a month. I can tell a major difference in the look and feel of my hair after I do it.

  17. It's really Really important to towel dry your hair before putting the conditioner on them! Otherwise they're too wet to actually absorb any of it, and you'll just end up wasting all your conditioner. You might want to wash the conditioner off with a slightly cold water to 'close' your hair and it's also goos for your scalps blood circulation

  18. Elaine - BEST PICTURE EVER!  You look amazing.