6 Ways to Spice Up a Button Up!

Thursday, October 06, 2011
You guys know I love me a button-up/button-down/button-front shirt! My favorite is the classic white button-up. There's also been chambray and blue, gray, pink, recently purple, black, and tan featured on the blog. I love wearing them buttoned all the way to my neck. It can look a bit uptight so I shared six ways you can spice it up at How Does She!


  1.  I like that red cap. That is so amazing and pretty.

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  2. I went through a button-up phase a while ago but then got rid of them all because I didn't think they were feminine enough. Well you just proved me wrong! I especially love the choker necklace with the full-button up. Considered yourself pinned!

  3. It is great how deserve you can make button ups

  4. I loved all your ideas! I wear brooches and necklaces with shirts, but have never worn them together... I think I'll be experimenting tonight! Thank you!

    Catherine x

  5. Love this!!! I have over 40 button downs in my closet and sometimes struggle with making sure I don't look like a stuffy old lady!!!


  6. I've always been worried that I would look like a boy with my shirt buttoned all the way, but I love all these ideas! I need to find something in my wardrobe to make it work and bring a bit of sparkle at the neckline :)

  7. That looked like about 11 ways.

    A white button-down is my favorite dress shirt for work--it matches with whatever I put on. =)

  8. all the ways are very fun and different! thanks for the ideas!

    xo jeanette