My favorite, easy, go-to hairstyles

Friday, September 02, 2011
I have a confession: I wasn’t born with perfect hair. But I have found a few go-to hairstyles for those days when it looks like I just woke up. (And let’s be honest… I probably just did.) I usually wear my hair down and straightened. I’m not too adventurous with my hair so if you’re a hair-virgin like me, check out these hair styles you can do all by yourself! They also double as arm workouts! It’s a toofer! (30 Rock, anyone?)
  1. Wavy hair tutorial (easy)
  2. Braided top bun tutorial (super easy)
  3. Crownbraid tutorial (I forgot how to do this.. And it’s my own tutorial. FAIL. So if you figure this out, please call me.)
  4. Side frenchbraid (super easy)
  5. Hello Kitty bow tutorial (hardish)
  6. Top bun tutorial (in the middle)

    And if all else fails….
  7. Headscarves tutorial (super easy)
  8. Hats (sooooo easy)
If you’re feeling adventurous, check out these scarves and hats I’m loving right now…

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  1. i love them all, but especially the braided ones! adds a fun touch :)

    xo jeanette

  2. So much fun!

  3. Love the Hello Kitty Bow. Its sleek but super cute!


  4. Great post, I love anything to do with hairstyles so this was a great post!


  5. Yay, I love discovering new hairstyles.  And thank you for links to tutorials. I need to try some.

  6. 30 Rock, yes!  I can identify with him, but only because the vast majority of my co-workers have always been female.  I help round out the statistics--and I give good advice during lunch hour shopping trips.  Insightful stuff, like, "Your husband wouldn't like that" or "That makes you look fat".   LOL!

    This post is a collage of nice hair and pretty outfits. I tried to pick a favorite, but 6 of them tied for first place.  If you are anything like my wife, that might have you thinking, "Hey, what was wrong with the other two???"  Nothing!

  7. dude. my hair has been in a ponytail for roughly 3 days & has a permanent hump in the back, so this post was well timed!!

  8. Bah! Mine's like that too.. Hahah

  9. Yeah... That's usually my response to my husband.....

  10. Yay!!! I'll try them all out once I get this hair cut and styled...I'm sooo sick of how long my hair is!

  11. I love the crownbraid. Now only if I had enough hair...


  12. First up, the gorgeous countryside white Party dress. It has a loose skirt and a mid-waist style — all good signs for tall bodies. Unfortunately, the “neatly-fitted bodice” may be problematic, since longer torsos don’t line up with average ones. Generally, the more regimented the stitching to accommodate the fabric around the breasts, the more likely you’re going to have weird women blouses. This one doesn’t look too bad in front — I’m more concerned about the waist being too high and lying on the lower ribs instead of the waist. If I got this, and was between sizes, I’d probably order up. I’d try tank top on if I spotted it in a store, but probably won’t be ordering it online.
    Next up, the polka-dot number. I loooove the fabric, and the fact that it has an adjustable wrap top and stretchier material is a really great sign. womens tops are excellent for adjustable fits. The one red-flag on this one is that the waist is designed to fit just below the breast (empire-style). I think an empire-waist is a fantastic look for taller women, but with our longer torsos, there is definitely some danger of Blouses cutting you off mid-boob. I have a small-B cup, so I would consider giving this one a go, but only because I truly adore the print.

  13. I LOVE crownbraids =] has a tutorial for this hairstyle (seeing as you forgot how to do it lol) she also has loads of other ideas some are only suitable for children but many of them can be adapted for adults too!!