A Male Perspective by Corinne and Jake

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Hi pretties! Corinne from The Lookbook here! Over at The Lookbook my husband and I like to talk about the funny things that happen in our marriage and of course, pretty clothes! I'm so excited to be here in Elaine Land... But today I think my husband's words will help you more than my own. That's because the majority of you reading this blog are probably women who read fashion blogs written by women... So today I thought it'd be nice to hear something from a MAN. Yes, a real life man who happens to care about fashion. That man is my cute husband. He's such a babe, isn't he? Ok distracted already. Take it away, sweets.

Hi ladies. Jake here. Today's topic: body shapes. I know what you're thinking, "What could a man possibly know about fashion for different body shapes?" Well, I know what looks good and what doesn't. Isn't that enough?

Tip #1

Love the body you have. Have you ever seen Glee? I'm sure you have, you are all girls. You know the black girl, Mercedes Jones, or Amber as she is known on the show? I'm sure none of you would call her slender or think that she has the typical model figure. You know what though, she is still attractive. You know why? Because she is confident and demonstrates that she knows she isn't a size "0" and she has moved on with life. She is happy. She is confident. And she dresses well. The most attractive thing a woman can be is confident; and that has nothing to do with pant size, bust size, or any other size.

Tip #2

Don't wear too much make-up. I don't like when my wife wears a lot of make-up. I think girls in general can definitely tone down the amount of foundation, blush, eye-shadow, and lip gloss they put on. My motto for make-up is this, "Use it to accentuate, not to hide, your face." Make people see the part of your face that is yours, not the part that comes from a little plastic bottle. In Italian they use the phrase, "I trucchi di faccia" instead of the English word "make-up". Literally translated this phrase means, "The tricks of the face". I think they got it spot on. Let your own qualities be the highlights of the show, not whale blubber and chemical colorants. Gross right? Exactly. Trust me, your face is much more attractive.

Tip #3

Universal truths. Here are a few ideas of things that I think look good on every body shape. Layers. No matter how tall or short, squat or gangly, layers look good. Use them. Buy blazers, and cardigans, and shirts, and blouses, and sweaters. Then combine them in different ways. Layering is great. Also, find fun accessories. I've never heard of a girl say that she didn't like fun earrings, or a nice necklace. That is because ALL girls like them; because ALL girls look good in them. They are feminine, and they don't depend on your body type. So use them. My last idea; dark denim jeans. I'll be honest, I love seeing my wifey's legs and rump all the time, but dark denim just makes them even more attractive. Invest in a pair because you will wear them all the time. You won't be able to resist because you will get so many compliments about them.

I hope you pretty girls found this helpful. Until next time,

xo Husband (I did that for my wife)

Wife here. Isn't he the cutest? Ok so come visit us over at The Lookbook and follow our blog if you like what you see! Thanks for letting us visit Elaine!

xo Corinne


  1. wow, good stuff! all that SO needed to be said, especially by a man! thanks!

  2. I love all his tips. My husband has told me all this before, but it's better sometimes when it comes from someone else :)

  3. i LOVE this post; it is too cute & totally full of info! i loved getting the guys perspective.

  4. Well this was just adorable! And helpful :) My husband tells me these things all the time, and it's nice to know that other guys feel the same way about, say, girls wearing too much makeup.

  5. Nice tips, it's so interesting to read a man's perspective. Sometimes fashion bloggosphere is too much women focused, writng by women who writes for another women. 

  6. this was a great feature post, elaine! always interesting to have a male's perspective on fashion :)

    xo jeanette


  7. I think it's interesting to read a guy's view on body image. I read about a study where they had guys and girls look at 3 different sillouhettes of a woman. All the ladies picked the thinnest, while the guys all picked the medium weight! Super intersting. I think that society has plastered it into our heads that in order to be attractive, we have to be super model body type. And obviously that's not true.

    Thanks for "sharing" your husband! :)
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  8. That was so sweet of him! Thanks for that! (:

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  9. I love that you featured your hubby. His tips were right on, super YES on the dark demin!

  10. Not all women like jewelry. I don't. I've never had my ears pierced and I don't wear necklaces. So, don't make generalizations.