Blog Crush: Think Twice Style

Thursday, August 11, 2011
I've been following Sarah's blog, Think Twice Style, for a while and fell in love with her it immediately! She's spunky, she's gorgeous, and she is a thrifting machine! She always has the best luck! Not sure to put a frowny face or smiley face here... So I'll do both :(). Now I just look surprised... I love this girl's style. It's simple, wearable, and comfortable. Follow her blog and you'll see what I mean.. 

Sarah's favorite outfit pic. Love the white, yellow, brown combo here!
Image from Think Twice Style

What is one word that describes you and why?
Eclectic! My interests are vast, to say the least, and nothing I do in my life goes together. I think that counts towards eclectic! Or I am just trying to find another way to call myself weird.

What do you love most about yourself and why?
I love everything about myself! No, I'm kidding. I love how patient I am with people. Unless you are just playing dumb to get out of working, then I won't excuse you and will pull out my teacher voice and scold you. I'm mean like that.

What is your favorite recipe that never fails you?
Anything with green beans or broccoli! My family has gardens, so I'm used to fresh veggies year round. I like my green beans squeaky and my broccoli crisp! My favorite recipe as far as fashion goes is skinny jeans, a men's Hanes v-neck, and cool flat sandals. It's easy, comfortable, and accessories can be added any time!

What is your favorite outfit you've worn on the blog so far and why?
This is such a difficult question, but anything belted or with my mustard cardigan. I found this cardigan at PacSun of all places and it is so soft! I'm also a compulsive belter... Can we start a support group?

What is the biggest wardrobe splurge that you've made? Was it worth it?
I shop mostly sales and thrift stores, but I always invest in 3 items: jeans, shoes, and bras. I'm petite, but curvy, so I need jeans that can fit a small waist but have give in the hips. 'Cause, baby, these hips don't lie. I have to have comfortable shoes! I wear them every day so they must must must be comfortable. I splurge on my bras because, well, the little that I do have needs be in the correct spot. Know what I mean? Plus no one, no one wants underwire piercing their bosoms, straps slipping down, or anything else an ill-fitting bra can do!


  1. She looks so cute

  2. Thanks for introducing her blog...I love it!  She has great style.


  3. So glad you've featured her! I love discovering new blogs!

  4. Thank you for the visit to my blog. I am now following you back. Love your fashion blog!

  5. She's cute! Love her responses to the questions. Will be checking out her blog :)

  6. that outfit is PERFECTION! love the delicate lace paired with the bright mustard cardigan! adorable.

    xo jeanette

  7. Just loved your dress i never thought a bealt could add this much to a dress

  8. Just loved your dress i never thought a bealt could add this much to a dress