Mineral Makeup Review

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Fresh Faces sent me some of their products to review. I've tried mineral makeup years ago and didn't like it. It didn't give me as much coverage as I wanted and by the end of the day the makeup had come off my face. So I was a little skeptical about Fresh Faces at first but was willing to give it a shot. In this post, I'll be reviewing the following products:
(from L-R:  primer, concealer, foundation, bronzer, glow finish)

Before you read this review, know that this is MY opinion for this makeup on MY sensitive, acne-prone, combination oily-dry face. The products I love may not work out for you. The products I don't like may work out for you. So please don't base your opinions or potential purchases on my review without testing it out yourself first! That's what samples are for!

For this review, I only used Fresh Faces mineral makeup on my face. After I washed my face and did all that stuff, I first put on the primer. Then I used the concealer to cover all my pimples. It usually takes me a few hours.

Then using their buffer brush, I put on the matte foundation all over my face.
I used the concealer again to touch up on the stubbornly red pimps and swept the bronzer around my face.
With a little bit of the glow finish, this was as good as it was gonna get. I think I used too much of the concealer or something because you could see the yellow spots on my face where I used it trying to cover my pimples. No matter how hard I buffered or tried to brush it off, it didn't come off. The mineral makeup also left my face feeling dry throughout the day.
Bad picture... I know.

This is my face with just liquid foundation. I always end up getting makeup creases on my face at the end of the day. It also always feel like it's caked on...because I'm trying to cover my pimples.
Another bad picture. Not sure why it has a red tint to it?

My thoughts

After these two "experiments", on the third day I used a combination of both mineral and liquid makeup. I first used the foundation to cover my pimples. Then I used my liquid foundation. For the pimples you could still see, I used the concealer very lightly. I followed with the glow finish and then the bronzer. I LOVE this method. It doesn't dry out my face and I don't see the yellow concealer spots anymore. It doesn't cover every blemish but this has proven to be my most effective way to cover my pimples so far. Seriously, this makeup method makes me so happy in the mornings now.

Update 5/25/11:  This morning I did something different.. I still wasn't 100% satisfied with my method explained above. But now I really feel like I've perfected my mineral makeup and liquid makeup routine!! Now read carefully... (1) Using liquid foundation, I covered my pimples. Not too much. Just enough so they weren't as red. (2) I then used the liquid foundation all over my face for coverage. (3) Using the buffer brush, I put on the mineral foundation all over my face for double coverage and for setting it in. By then, you can't really see the pimples. (4) I covered up the remaining pimples with the concealer. (5) Bronzer. (6) Finished off with the glow finish very lightly. DONE! Try it out and let me know what you think.

  • primed for perfection, $15.50
    I didn't like that it was in a jar-like container. I've read that you should avoid jars and any open containers because it can easily get contaminated.
    Overall rating: C B
  • light neutral concealer, $10.50
    Besides the yellow spots when I first put it on, it works best AFTER you put on your foundation and then use it lightly. It is more of a touch-up concealer than an actual concealer.
    Overall rating: B
  • warm light matte foundation, $19.50
    LOVE this foundation. I used it a week before I received the other products and loved it then. I used it as a concealer with my liquid makeup and it worked very well. I am very happy with this mineral foundation. Will be using it as a concealer from now on.
    Overall rating: A
  • summer tan bronzer, $12
    Another product I absolutely loved. I got the light bronzer and it is perfect. No matter how much product you accidentally get on your brush, it will still give you a light warm glow on your face without overdoing it.
    Overall rating: A
  • glow finish, $15.50
    It has a little bit of shimmer to it. I put it on after my foundation and I'm not sure if it makes my face look lighter than it really is. Not a fan of shimmer but this is very subtle.
    Overall rating: C
  • deluxe buffer foundation brush, $18
    It started shedding from the first time I used it. It isn't very soft because it is flat-bottomed and there are a lot of bristles.
    Overall rating: D C

Psst... Use the code CLOTHEDMUCH20 at checkout to get 20% off. It expires June 30. Plus, you get free shipping over $50!

Update with FF:  After I posted this review, FF contacted me in response. Here is what they had to say...
  • The primer is mineral based and thus unable to harbor germs. Unlike creams and lotions which can harbor germs, the primer is safe to use in a jar. L'Oreal packages their primer the same way.
  • As far as the brush, it is normal to have some shedding for the first few weeks of use. It is a new brush and has a lot of hairs, so it is impossible for all of them to stay, but it should stop shedding after a few weeks.
  • I have also thought my concealer was too light, and will be looking at changing the color on that. I am also going to be changing the glow finish to be less whitening.
  • If the matte formula was too drying for you, the sheer formula is less drying.
I didn't have to post this update and their response but I felt compelled to because of their willingness to improve their products and to address my concerns. It showed me that FF really does care about their products and their customers and thought I'd share that with you guys too.


  1. For me going out without makeup on is almost embarrassing as if I went out without a shirt or pants!! It's a shame a lot of us feel that way. I'm glad you found a makeup routine that works perfect for you! My own routine is decent, but I am scared to drop the extra cash on something else and waste it lol.

  2. Definitely use concealer after you apply foundation all over. Otherwise (concealer first then foundation) you're just rubbing it off and wasting both time and product. Sometimes foundation is all you need so you can skip an extra step. Great honest review. I'm not a fan of mineral makeup-it made my pores look bigger (I don't need help in that department) and it made me look shiny and I couldn't achieve the coverage I wanted. That and it made me photograph lighter than the rest of my body in pictures. No can do. I'm a liquid foundation girl, so I'm in control of the coverage and it photographs seamlessly. If you ever have skincare or makeup questions please don't hesitate! :)

  3. Hi there, what a fantastic review I love mineral makeup, as I have oil combination skin, so it was great to find out about new line, your demo was really helpful, thank-you! I wonder if you would like to check out my eco chic review shortly and leave some feedback on the products it would be really appreciated. Have a stylish day! Sharon xx


  4. Thank you for the effort and honesty you've put into this review! ♥

  5. So this is probably a really stupid question as I'm sure you've tried this since it is so popular, but have you ever used Pro-activ? I've been using it for almost 10 years now and I get compliments on my complexion all the time. It's really great stuff. BUT, I do know people who have tried it and it didn't work for them, so maybe you've tried it and it just didn't help. I know you like to use natural products, though, so maybe you haven't tried it for this reason? If not, it's worth a try! Love it! 

  6. First of all I think you are a beautiful girl--second of all acne/my skin was ALWAYS my NEMESIS--until I tried OBAGI SYSTEM.  www.obagi.com
    This is a wonderful transforming system for your skin to make it healthy and clear!

  7. I find mineral make up the best thing for my skin.  I have very few pimples, if any, and mainly use it to even out skin tone (redness...dark circles).  I think mineral make up is a great product for people with skin like me.  But good to know it doesn't work for everyone...I am always recommending it.  And maybe I should consider more what skin type my friends have when I do recommend it!

  8. You're so brave to post makeup-less online!  I feel so self-conscious around people when I don't have makeup on.  Anyway, I always had good skin in high school/the start of college, but my skin freaked out when I had to go off birth control some years ago because of complications, so finding good makeup has always been my challenge (particularly because I'm so pale).  Right now I use Smashbox primer on top of moisturized skin, use a bit of concealer on pimples/acne scars, buff L'Oreal mineral makeup on top of that, and finish it off with Covergirl powder.  It's still a tiny bit dark for my skin, which is emphasized as the day goes on, but it's the best I've had in a while.  It's not super heavy on my skin like liquid foundation was, which I really like, and I'm breaking out less.  I also really like Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer on my good skin days -- decent coverage and pale enough for me, although it's pricier at about $40 (although it lasts a while).

  9. Hey Elainey!  =)  It's been awhile since I posted a comment haha I miss you!

    I just wanted to share with you my make up routine since my skin is also acne prone, and I have the same breakouts and blemishes that you do. 

    So I use Bare Escentuals in the matte foundation, since my face gets oily throughout the day.  I use a flattop brush that I got from everydayminerals.com that's super soft and doesn't shed.  I use Mac Fix+ with it too.  I spray it on my brush, and then dip it into the foundation on the lid.  I buff it onto my face and it gives me really great coverage.  Still, I have pimples that are red and stubborn, so I use Mac's concealer and just use my fingers to dab it onto any red spots.  That usually does the trick and I don't feel like my face is caked on.  I use the same flattop brush and just kinda buff out the edges so it looks blended in.  Then just swipe on some blush or bronzer and you're good to go!  =)  Let me know if you try it and if you like it! 

  10. Thanks for the honest review, i feel like i can relate!

  11. You are so brave! Upclose pictures are not my favorite of me!

  12. e, pimps or no pimps, you are lovely.  that is nice that you got a response from fresh faces.  i love product reviews. 

  13. I have used Bare Minerals starter kit but it didn't give me the coverage I wanted for acne/acne scars. I just purchased foundation and concealer from Origins and I really like it. The foundation is not as thick as the MAC foundation I had been using along with mineral foundation...Origins' doesnt feel heavy on your face either like MAC. 

    I like to put on concealer, then liquid foundation, and finis with the bareMinerals' "Mineral Veil" it's a translucent powder that makes my skin appear less oily.  


  14. Thank you for your HONEST and detailed review!!!

      Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  15. A agree with covering up I prefer to do a combination method more often then not.

  16. you are so pretty. end of story. 

  17. Great review Elaine.  It's really hard to find just the right combination of products that works.  I do like mineral powders but when I'm having breakout it tends to feel dry around where my breakouts are and end up looking all cakey and gross.  I have to experiment a lot with different products to find what works for me at that moment.

  18. I also use bare escentuals and I love it because it doesn't clog my pores. But since I always have pimples to hide too (sucks right !!!) I will certainly give the mix on mineral and liquid fondation a try for shure. Thanks, that review was very helpful !

  19. I use a combination liquid/powder concealer too.
    Then top it off with a foundation. I've been thinking of adding a little bronzer to my stash. Thanks for the honest review I'll try to check out the summer tan bronzer.

  20. i've always been a fan of mineral powder makeup! i use bare escentuals!!

  21. What a honest review : ) Thank you for sharing, i am going to try mixing a powder and liquid foundation together. Happy wednesday xx

  22. I got the primer too and maybe I'm using it wrong but it makes it harder to put my eyeshadow because it causes the shadow to flake off and not stay. Weird. I tried the other foundation and no breakouts so far. 

  23. hi, Elaine. I used loreal mineral foundation and also Bare Minerals that costs a fortune. I have oily acne prone skin, and this type of make-up made me break out big time. I stopped using it right away and now I use Loreal accord perfect, I belive that in the U.S. is called True match (not sure). Same thing happend to a couple of friends, one has same type of skin like me and the other one dry. so I belive mineral foundation might make you think it works at the begining, but I find it dangerous as it gets to much into your skin. So be carefull. Aslo you might never know and it could work out for you. :D

  24. Wow, what an honest review.  Like others, I assume people write nice things because they were given things for free.  I like you just a little more now. ;-)

    You may want to give Laura Mercier make up try.  I know it's pricey (mineral foundation is $40), but it lasted me about a year or so because a little goes a long way with it.  Someone that worked for Laura Mercier told me it was developed for those with cancer because their skin is so sensitive.  I don't know if there's any truth in that, but I have very sensitive skin and didn't have a problem when I was using it.  I've also used their tinted primer.

  25. I have never thought to use a powder before a liquid! I always wear both, but the opposite way...a liquid topped off with a powder. :) Glad you found a routine that works for you!

    I also like to use a primer. :) Did the primer make it into your routine you like?

    Also, loved that you were honest in this review. :P

  26. P.S. I respect you for ging  without make up oyour blog, I'm sure there's plenty of girls out there that can relate to having pimples. You're a beautiful girl. =)

  27. I usually don't wear make-up just because I dislike it but recently I bought the Bare Essentials mineral make-up and it's okay, although like you I have the feeling that by the end of they day the make-up has come off. The only thing I don't like about Bare Essentials is that their shade for foundation seems too light for me, I think I might go make-up less again and just try to find something to conceal my dark circles around the eyes.

  28. I love a combination of liquid and powder.  It's definitely the best method.

  29. Thanks for the honest review! I feel like too many people only give glowing reviews b/c they got things for free. It's nice to know your true opinion.

    North Meets South

  30. Hi Elaine. You are very good at make up. This is the first time I saw your pimples, I mean this many I'm almost shocked.. I haven't noticed them before so I conclude you are really good at make up.

  31. Love the honest review, and glad you found a way to make the products work for you. :o) I use a mineral foundation powder over a liquid foundation a lot of the time (especially in the summer - feel like it helps keep the shininess away). I've tried other mineral makeup that's actually made me break out, though; like anything, you have to try it out and figure out what works.

  32. I have acne prone skin + acne scars so reading reviews before purchasing something is a must. Therefore I appreciate your honest review here. :)