The second Q&A (a year later)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

clothes stuff

I was looking at your "closet inventory" and realizing that most of your clothes (with a few exceptions) are under $20 a piece. Where/How do you find all your good deals? - Lkatpetterson
1) Patience. 2) I don't go shopping very often. 3) My limit for most items (with the exception of shoes, pants, and coats) is $20 so if it's over that I won't even bother justifying it.

What are your top three clothing stores to shop at? - Sweetpea
I love H&M, Zara, and Gap! But mostly the first two! Gap has been too simple and bland for me lately.

Now that you have a FT job and you and the hubs are settled in LA, do you think you'll be able to spend more $ on fashion? Do you have a budget for how much you spend? - eclecticflair
Honestly... I have been indulging myself a little more.. But I also got rid of a lot of my things as well. So it could be the mix of those two. But realistically... no. I don't actually have any more spending money than I did before because grad school is so gosh darn expensive and takes up a bulk of my income. So to answer your question, I do not have a budget.

Has your sense of style remained consistent throughout your life? Evelina
No! Definitely not. My style is constantly changing and evolving. Sometimes I even look back at what I wore the week before and can't believe I wore it out in public.

Where do you find knee length dresses, and skirts for cheap? Vanessa
Lots of patience... and I make some of my skirts on my own. I'm also short so that kind of helps.

Who are your biggest fashion influences? Vanessa
My biggest fashion influences... I absolutely love Karla. Mostly because she's fearless with what she wears and confident about it. I want to be at the point in my style where I don't have to second guess what I'm wearing but feel good about anything I put on.

What is you favorite thing to buy/shop for? Vanessa
I love shopping for accessories. Mostly because I don't have to try it on and I can get picky about how they fit! Recently I've been more into jewelry. Sometimes it's belts.. Sometimes bags..

How do you prefer to shop? Online or in person? kimmie
In person... I HATE shopping online! But I still do it... :(

How tall are you!? I love the slim boyfriends you just bought, but I am 5'2 and am afraid they are going to make my legs look a little (more) stumpy... what are your thoughts!? If you are my height, your legs didn't look stumpy. Probably because of the shoe though. Am I right?! - Lyndsi
The last time I checked I was 5'4". Yes, boyfriend jeans are apparently a big no-no for shorties like you and me... But let's face it.. THEY'RE SO COMFY. And I'm not going to let a few magazines tell me what to do! Maybe. I don't know. But, you're right.. My shoes give me about 4" so it works ;).

I have a style question...I have a really hard time wearing skirts for everyday looks. I want to...but it is hard with a I still need something relaxed...but cute? Any suggestions? - Annie
Boyfriend jeans! Loose t-shirts! Fitted cardis! Cute flats! Maxi dresses! Those all scream comfort to me.. Can't you tell with the exclamation points? :)

beauty stuff

what's your number one skin product that you love!! as in face wash, lotion etc. do you have any little tricks you can share? - nicole addison
Right now it would have to be a Japanese exfoliator called CURE. I first heard about it and won a couple samples from Justine and was hooked ever since. I had to buy it on eBay for $50 or something shady like that but it's the best thing that has ever happened to me! I've tried out a lot of exfoliators and masks but they were always too rough or dried out my skin.

I like your hair. How often do you have it cut? Do you trim your bangs yourself? - Nathalie Clerc
Thanks! I cut it whenever I see my mother-in-law because she cuts it for me...because I'm cheap...and don't really care about my hair, I a few times a year? And I do trim my bangs myself. I think I'm done with them for a while though. They're getting annoying again!

blogging stuff

Can I send you free jewelry to wear and promote? - Sardanpasta
Only if you're a paid sponsor first! And if I like it!

how do you find balance between blogging and the 'real world'? - goodframeofmind, Curls and Pearls
Um.. Still working on that.. I take my pics in the morning, go to work, come home, and then blog. My husband gets tired of it. I can tell because he gets antsy when I'm on blog mode. Scheduling posts is a big time-saver.

How do you feel about guest blogging and how do you make good blogging connections? - Dana
Guest blogging is cool. But when someone features guest posters a lot, it makes me less inclined to read it. It just tells me they're off doing their own thing and other people are keeping their blog afloat. I make good blogging connections like I would make friends. There's always someone behind a blog...and that someone could be your friend.

What tips do you have for a blogger just starting out? - Cait Weingartner
I actually wrote out a post on blogging tips of things I learned to do and not do when starting a fashion blog...or any blog, really. I also think Jessica Quirk's blogging tips are very helpful. My most important advice is to BE GENUINE.

This is probably a silly question but, seeing how many people post their own pictures with their outfits in the internet, were you shy in the beginning? How did it feel to expose yourself like that? Im quite a shy person (the kind that doesnt like too much attention focused on her) and I can never seem to find the will to do so, eventhough I love fashion and I think it would be fantastic for my style if I dared to post my own pics... Would you give any particular advice? - Carmen
Um, TOTALLY! That's why I started in my apartment first.. Then I realized how ridiculously bad the pics were so ventured outside... It was definitely hard at first. I'm actually quite shy too (but trying to get better at that) so at first I would only take pics when I knew there were nobody around us. Then it came to the point where time was more important than that so I stopped caring. But then there were some days when I did... Personally, I think you should just do it. I've gained so much confidence from it and feel so much better about myself than if I would've never done this.

What are people's reactions when you tell them you have a fashion blog? Vanessa
I don't know. They're cool with it, I guess!!! As long as they don't think I'm vain for taking pics of myself everyday...

personal stuff

I've got food on the mind... so what's your absolute favorite meal? - Kristine
Not sure.. I have a pretty broad palate and will eat anything and everything. But I can't ever say no to macaroni and cheese...or steamed veggies.

Which countries have you visited? Best holiday ever? Gertrude
I've been to Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Spain, and Switzerland for like two hours. My best holiday would probably have to be Hawaii with my husband's family two years ago...and I'm not a beach person.

What's your favorite color? :) - Julia
I don't know... I always liked green but it's not like I want everything I own to be green! Clothing-wise I guess I like white and navy blue. I have a lot of those two colors in my closet!

What exactly do you work and what would your dream job be? :) - Gypsy*Diaries
I work for Shopzilla in L.A. I am one of the account coordinators. I'm the person who will either accept or reject you if you join our Publisher Program and answer questions about it and stuff. My dream job? Not sure... I was never career-driven and am still not although I love my job right now!

What is your favorite part of living in LA? Favorite spots/things to do? - eclecticflair
My favorite part about living in L.A. is the FOOD! There are so many different foods, restaurants, cultures, tastes... It's amazing. Instead of trying to choose from three mediocre Korean restaurants in Utah, I live in Koreatown!! My favorite things to do here are EATING, going to the park with Chase, and doing touristy stuff (still) like go to museums.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? - Evelina
If I could change one thing in the world.... I would want everyone to be happy. It's such a simple concept but so difficult to implement.

What would be your ideal day? Evelina
My ideal day would be being with family...whether we're sitting around watching a movie or playing a game or eating dinner.

Do you plan on having children? (Will you do maternity fashion blogging?) Vanessa
Yes! It would be fun to do maternity fashion blogging. I'm sure I'd want to live in tunics and leggings for my whole pregnancy so it would help me dress the bump.

If you could spend an hour talking to anyone - alive, dead, fictional, real... - who would you talk to? What would you talk about? - Alex
This was a hard one but I'll be honest.. The first person that came to my mind was Joseph Smith. He was the first Mormon prophet after The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was restored on this earth. This man went through so much in the name of God and was strong through it all. It's not easy to lose children, be tarred and feathered, spit upon, thrown into jail for crimes you didn't commit, AND be a working father, loving husband, brother, son, AND a leader and prophet of a restored church AND translate a book in a language no one knows. Mormons today have so much to thank him for. And it all started with a simple prayer. I would probably want him to tell me his stories in his own words.

How did you and your husband meet. I just got engaged and for some reason I'm obsessed with stories like this lately! - Tigersnowe
Congrats! I've been meaning to write about it for sometime because it's much deeper than saying "we met through a mutual friend." So will answer your question soon! :)

What is your biggest pet peeve? - Rebecca Hammond
Hmm.. I have a lot of pet peeves.. I guess my biggest one is disrespect. Mostly because it comes in so many forms...such as a man whistling at a woman down the street.. Someone looking down at another because of how they talk or are dressed.. Not saying I'm perfect though..

Favorite food/treat? - Rebecca Hammond
My favorite food.. I mentioned earlier I liked mac n cheese and steamed veggies but will add a new one... I also love tomato soup! The creamy kind not the herby kind...

Do you have a favorite celebrity (other other fashion blogger) style? - Rebecca Hammond
Favorite celebrity style would probably have to go to Kate Bosworth. I guess she's pretty or something!

What did you major in in college? Is it relevant to your current job? - kimmie
I studied political science and it's totally not relevant to my job... I've already learned that degrees are useless unless you really like your field...which I did not. It was fun to study but not fun when you (try to) apply it.

When you and Chase eventually have babies, are you going to quit your job and be a SAHM like most LDS women? Or are you going to continue working? kimmie
Probably. We're not sure about anything yet. In the long run I would like to stay at home and be with my babies.

mormon stuff

How does your faith influence your fashion? - Laura
My faith HUGELY influences my least the modesty part of it. I made a promise to God that I'd keep my body sacred and holy and that includes keeping it modest. So my modesty isn't just because I respect myself and stand for something but it's because of this promise to God which is bigger than any of that, really.

Do you have any tips or tricks for dealing with garments, for example hiding the lines under your clothing? I have yet to see a Mormon fashion blogger address this. - Tarynnr
What lines under your clothing? There are like a bajillion lines.. I think it depends on the garments you wear...and how old they are. The older mine get, the more prone they are to show under my clothes. I deal with the same problem except with my skinny jeans. Someone commented and told me about calf-length bottoms! But that wouldn't work because my calves are huge too. So basically...I don't know.

What do you consider "modest" clothing. I know that you don't wear short skirts or sleeveless tops. I know that some people consider pants immodest (I'm not one of them.) What are your guidelines for modest clothing. You always look so fashionable and stylish that it took a while before I even was clued in that your style was modest clothing. Duh! Yeah, I know the title says that but I was just looking at the clothes and how adorable you are. - Cartom93
Thanks! Modest clothing to me is like you said no short skirts, no sleeveless tops, no short shorts, no cleavage showing, no back showing, no midriff showing, and hems to the knees.

I think you do a great job working general information about your faith into your posts (explanations I can certainly use as a non-Mormon), but I'd like to know more about your own personal faith background. Were you raised LDS? How did you/your family become involved with the church if not? - Renée
I was raised LDS...meaning my parents were both LDS and got married in the temple. My parents were both converts when they were teenagers. They didn't know each other then.

Did you serve a mission? - Renée
I did not. My husband did though! He went to the Ilogan/Cauayan Philippines mission.

What are your favorite things about being LDS? - Renée
Such a great question! I love the knowledge it gives me. I think I would feel very empty in life without the knowledge of Jesus Christ and God's plan for me. It gives me so much solace and peace and I don't even want to imagine where I'd be without it all. Basically...everything makes more sense to me. It's just applying that knowledge in my life that is the hardest.

Thanks to all those who submitted questions!


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  3. great read, thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  4. Hahaha, totally not creepy.. I guess it depends on how you ask it... and who you are.. ;)

  5. Elaine, ok first of all I got super excited when I saw you posted this. I loved reading these! Second, I LOVE how open you are with being LDS and talking about it on your blog! Even though I have a strong testimony, it's still very hard for me to talk about stuff like that- but you just seem to shout it from the rooftops! Third. I need to implement a 'no items over $20' rule. Thanks for answering these!

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    Can't wait for
    1. The story of how you met Chase.
    2. To see some maternity fashion, seriously... I've found it so hard to dress my bumps! Just a tip though - when you guys decide to start trying for a baby, start looking for maternity clothing right away, cheap stuff around the place. It can be so expensive. Remember to buy stuff that fits you at the time, and stuff that's a size too big =)

  9. It is so nice learning more about you through these questions! I love knowing the person behind the blog.

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  22. Love this post. Got to you know so much better. I love that your posts are so modest because thats the kind of fashion i like and it aint easy to find modest fashion bloggers. But i still wonder, how you can get Forever21, H&M , Zara etc pieces at below 20$. When i go to these shops even during sale times, i feel poor .