Reader Question: Cowl neck top

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Cara emailed me asking how to style this top from Kohl's:
I bought a shirt that I love, but I'm not too sure how to style it. Long sleeved shirt underneath? What kind of necklace-if any?
When I first saw it, I thought it had an athletic/sporty flair to it, which I personally am not a fan of (see my post on sneakers here). But at the same time it looks comfy so I tried to go for a comf and relaxed looks incorporating current trends.

with a long sleeve underneath - I chose stripes to go against the stripes in the cowl neck top. I think a solid color would be too bold for this shirt so I'd go for similar neutral gray tones or pink. White would be good too. I personally wouldn't wear a necklace with it because of the strings. That's just me though. I suppose you could wear a choker-type necklace or even a long pendant necklace.

skinny olive cargos - Here I chose skinny olive cargos with some sportier shoes to go with the athletic/sporty feel of the top. Add a loose white tank underneath for some extra flutter at the bottom!

maxi skirts - Still going with the comf, relaxed look, I chose maxi skirts! I went with graphic tanks, strappy shoes, and perhaps a belt to keep everything in place.

What do you think of my selections?
What tips do you have for Cara for styling this top?


  1. I love your ideas. I would never have thought of the maxi skirt but great styling.

  2. Thank you so much! I really like the skinny cargos and the maxi skirt idea. I'll be playing around in my closet today. :)

  3. i love cowl necks. its great to see they can be worn all year round

  4. I like the tips, olive pants and the maxi skirts are a good idea. Personally, I would probably remove the strings from the top to lose the sportiness drawstring vibe. If I did that, then a dark trouser pant with a chunky bangle may even be cute.

  5. I love these kinds of posts where you give tips on how to style certain items!

  6. I like the skinny cargos. This is the type of shirt that I'd probably go plain jane on and wear with jeans... I'm not very into athletic look either... but I think it is a step up from a t-shirt, and inbetween shirts like that are always good to have!

  7. that's a tricky item! If she's going for a "dressed-up sporty look" I would go with ankle length black skinnies and some sleek fashion sneakers like these:

    I would pass on the necklace altogether and maybe go for some funky rings. Hope that helps, Cara!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  8. Yep, I think the skinny cargo pants are the perfect way to go. Nice advice, Miss Elaine!

  9. I like it with the skinny cargos and maxi too! I'd also pair it back with a leather mini and black tights or leather shorts. I think the casual athletic look of this top is asking for a little leather to make it look a little sophisticated for date night. Of course, white jeans are also an easy go-to.

    Finley @ Mommy Chic

  10. I this may sound weird but I would dress it up with a black pencil skirt, black skinny belt, red or pink heels, and a blingy cuff bracelet.
    My Heart Blogged

  11. Skinny cargo pants? Never njoticed them anywhere before.

    My wife loves old musicals, so I spent this afternoon watching a Pat Boone movie--he matured and got the girl. Except fopr the singing it was a great movie. =)

  12. Great advice!!

    Monique xx