Clothed Much 2010 Survey Results

Sunday, January 09, 2011
A month ago I asked you to take a survey. Thank you to all those who did! ..especially the nice comments!! I had 711 entries total. Here is the rundown... (because I'm nosy and I bet some of you are too.)



How often do you read Clothed Much?

What would you like to see more of?
More outfits, check! Tutorials/DIY... Not sure about that. I don't do a lot of DIYing in my spare time and I don't realize what would make a good tutorial or not because it could be easy for me so if you see something that you want me to show you how to do email me!
I'll do my best to do the others... I don't know if I'll be able to do street style but perhaps I'll start a Shopzilla style and take some snaps of my coworkers! There are some stylish Zillains (yes, that's what we call ourselves).

does reading clothed much help you to remix more?

Does reading Clothed Much help you to dress more modest?

How many times have you bought something
because it's been featured on Clothed Much?

For the 33% of you... I'm curious... What have you guys bought? I wanna see!

What do you like most about Clothed Much?

I loved reading these!!! You guys are so nice!! I'm going to print and cut all your comments out and tape them up all over the apartment until Chase thinks I'm too self-absorbed.
  • A lot of you guys said you liked my humor and I thank you for that because I'm not funny in real life. I'm awkward and shy and speaking isn't my forte so I'm always stumbling with my words. I'm more comfortable with writing, although I'm not very good at that either (though studying political science in college has helped my fluffing skills). 
  • You guys also mentioned you liked my bluntness. That's good because that's really how I am in real life. 
  • Several of you have said you liked that I dressed modest and stylish. So glad you guys noticed - I was starting to think I was the only one who knew that. 
  • Another popular comment was that you guys liked my remixing and frugalness. Yay for being poor...

What would you like improved on Clothed Much?

This one was hard to read because some of you didn't differentiate between Clothed Much, the blog, and me.
  • There were several personal attacks - mostly regarding my personality - probably because some don't get my bluntness. 
  • Most of the comments were things like "nothing!" or "it's perfect!" I gave myself a pat on the back for every one of those. (Go me!)
  • I got a lot of requests for explaining my outfit-picking process and shopping techniques. The funny thing about the outfits is it's all trial-and-error! I just try on things until it feels and looks good. By the time I sit down and write out my outfit post, I've already tuned out and just want to snuggle with my husband. But I'll try to be more descriptive about it!
  • Also got a few requests for closer shots.. But of what?? Like my jewelry? I personally don't like detail shots on other blogs - I just like seeing the general picture of the outfit because that's what I can recreate. The details are what I can add to make it more me. So I'll work on that one too.
  • I got a couple comments about how I wear the same things all the time... I had to laugh at that one... Did you not see my closet??? (I guess not. The last updated pic was in May of last year!) I have most of the same clothes I had in the beginning of this blog and unless you keep clicking on the ads and/or buy stuff for me, I can't change that. I can't afford to go shopping and I don't even like getting free stuff because I'm picky and usually don't like what they offer.'ll have to get over it. Sorry.
  • I was surprised to read a lot of you wanted to know more about me and my life. It's funny because I've been trying to not make it about my life but more about style and clothes. Around this time last year, I did a personal Q&A post with you guys. I think it's time to do it again! So if you guys have a question for me for a Q&A post, leave a comment below!

Things I learned

  1. I can't please everyone. Somebody is going to like A about my blog and not B but someone else will like B more than A.
  2. Not everyone's going to like me. And that's okay because I don't like certain people either. All I ask is "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
  3. Modesty is subjective. It seems there are girls out there who don't understand that my modesty is completely different from theirs! (See #1-2)
  4. Not everyone is going to accept my religious beliefs. There have been a few incidences where I have felt attacked because of the things I believe, which saddens me because my religion is very important to me. It's a huge part of me and has done my life a lot of good. My blog isn't a place of religious debate. It is a place for me to express myself even if you don't agree with it. (See #1-2)
  5. In the end, my blog is still mine... my creative outlet, my life, my words, my style and it should make me happy!!! (MEMEMEME)


  1. OH thanks for posting up the results. I WAS curious! :)

    Just Better Together

  2. Nice survey! Wish I could think of something like that! I didn't take it - sorry! But I do agree with most people that I'd like to see more of your mixing and matching.

  3. Oh this is so fun! must nbe amazing to see what people think about you and your blog this way! I should do something like this myself! :) in the meantime I think we can all benefit from your results! :)

  4. I've been following you via bloglovin' for quite a while now, but started paying more attention to your blog in the past few weeks (to be honest, I don't really know why I didn't do so from the beginning) and I LOVE it. Being a student, I don't have too much money to spend on clothes, so you could say my closet is somewhat modest, and seeing you remixing stuff truly inspires me to do the same. Plus, your bluntness as you have called it in the text above is really charming and funny and I like to read what you write under the pictures. All in all, I'm one of those people that visit your blog few times a day, hoping to find something new :)

  5. Good to see what were the results!

  6. Looks like you're doing a great job so far with your blog. Keep up the great work and inspiration :)

  7. I love your blog! The one thing I would like to see is articles/videos/whatever on how you thrift shop. You seem to have gotten wonderful pieces from thrifting!

  8. Awesome results. And just love it girl, you're pretty much awesome.

  9. Oh thanks for posting the results Elaine - I'm always interested to know what other people think.

    I think it's really sad that people have been criticising you because of things you've said about your religion. I always find it really interesting.

  10. Love this! Don't you change one little bit! LOVE your blog...I seriously enjoy your sense of humor...and watching you style the mess out of your closet. I'm sure I speak for many of us with bitsy closets when I say that I love seeing you wear the same clothes different ways. Because I have to....and as a college student, that won't be changing any time soon!

  11. Would have loved to participate in this survey ... but was still unaware of your blog! But still I would like to tell you that I really like your blog and your modesty. The fact that your closet is not huge, helps others who are in the same situation (like me!) how to remix etc.. so thank you!

  12. Thanks for posting the results! To tell you the truth, I forgot about the survey like five minutes after I finished with it :P And you're right; modesty is very subjective. I'm a Muslim girl and our modesty is not to show any part of your body except you face, your hands and your feet. Yeah, I know, it sounds kind of extreme when you're not used to it. I'm not sure if I wrote about what I would like to see more of (I'm slightly forgetful :p) but I would like to see your shoes from the side, just so I could know if they're heels or not. I actually have a blog myself (not much, just started) but if you don't really get what I mean by nothing but face, hands and feet, you could see it from there.

    (just to be clear, this wasn't an, 'OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG COME SEE MINE' comment :p just a.. yeah, just not that :) )

  13. I had fun taking the survey, I felt very involved ;-)
    Your evaluation is great, and very honest. I like your bluntness, it's just so REAL.
    (btw: I think it's funny that people complained about you wearing the same things.. haha, isn't that the point of making the most of what you have?)

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  14. I just want to say that you're a HUGE inspiration for me and I really appreciate you showing what you wear when you're poor. There are so many fashion bloggers that are wearing really expensive clothing, and I certainly can't afford stuff like that!! Thank you for representing the fashionable, frugal poor!

  15. FYI, I love seeing how you remix clothes.. that's (part of) why I like you! You're real. You don't have a new outfit that you never wear again each day. I can tell you are a real girl and I can learn valuable things from seeing you remix the same piece.. like "oh I wouldn't have thought to wear it that way" or something like that.

    Maybe instead of doing a tutorial you could have tips on thrifting, shopping savy, making a workable closet, remixing - etc!

    I also think it's fun to see bloggers team up with other bloggers and style the same/similar pieces like you do with Kendi! So fun. Keep up the good work. Don't worry about the haters!

  16. I think you are awsome to stand by your beliefs and make your religion a really interesting part of your blog x

  17. It's all about you.
    And for people hating on you... wut? haha. I can't imagine hating you at all. I'm not a religious person, neither am I a mormon and I don't really LOOK at that in bloggers, especially style ones. It's all about the style and the clothes really. Personality comes second. But those two aspects, to me, you've really "passed" with flying colours. I honestly respect your choice to have a religion. I am an agnostic but I do like to read about your mormonism and I've read quite about it. Interesting!

    I hope you keep blogging. You're one of my favourite bloggers, seriously!

  18. Thanks for sharing the results! Isn't it interesting how people can disagree so much. Keep doing what you're doing - regardless if some people don't love it, they seem to keep coming back! ;) I think you're great! I get so much inspiration here!

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  19. "I'm going to print and cut all your comments out and tape them up all over the apartment until Chase thinks I'm too self-absorbed."

    Oh my gosh I love you. Thank you so much for sharing, Elaine! And keep doing what makes you happy; like you said, it is your blog. We're just lucky enough to be along for the amazing ride.

  20. i love the "Things I Learned" section at the end. Very well said! and I love seeing how you remix things and the fact that you're frugal. it's something i aspire to do myself! thanks again for the survey results. i was definitely curious!

  21. Oooh wow, its fun seeing all the results like this!!
    And just forget the people that were mean, they are dummies ;)

  22. I was interested to see the results myself and looks like they tuned out wonderful for you with a few bad apple readers thrown in...but who doesn't have some of those. I love your bluntness!

  23. Just keep doing what you're doing. I love it! And it sounds like most people do. :)

  24. what a fun survey! it's interesting to learn more about what your readers like/don't like/are looking for and how your blog touches their lives! i look forward to another q&a post, but unfortunately i can't think of any questions right now...except what do you love/hate the most about L.A.? = )

  25. very interesting! I have put together an outfit based on one you had on! It was black skinny jeans and a black top with a leopard print scarf!

  26. It sounds to me like you have it figured out - just be you and those of us who love you and your blog will keep coming back! =) I don't have a blog (yet) but I think people like you have a lot of courage.
    On another note - I am fairly new to your blog so I may have not seen this - but I would love for you to teach me, who also doesn't have any money, how to set up my closet with the right pieces for a good foundation. For right now I'll go look at your closet contents! =) Thanks!

  27. Glad to help by taking the survey :) Love you blog :) don't change it :)

  28. Elaine, if someone doesn't like you or your blog then why the heck would they choose to be difficult and write rude things over the keyboard? Sheesh! There's no reason to be unkind in a situation such as this one.

  29. I feel that you share a part of you, your religious beliefs but don't zoink your readers over the head with it. I like knowing that you're a Mormon and how it affects your dress (modesty) even though I'm not a Mormon or very modest for that matter. It's just a wonderful bit of diversity of life that your beautiful self and your beautiful blog shares with me.

    And I don't see you as poor. You're just like most of us: limited budget, real life challenges. You look awesome in your frugality,and it really comes off as inspiring. I tire of blogs full of fast fashion and disposable wardrobes, they don't interest me. I am interested in seeing a real life reflection of style from all walks of life, not the empty wrappings of a consumeristic culture.

    LOVE your Blog? Kloveyoubye.

  30. You DO have a great and funny writing style. I find it interesting that you said you weren't like that when you talk, because I'm better at writing than talking myself.
    And I like the remixing! Not all of us can afford to buy new stuff all the time or even want to get rid of the old things so soon.

  31. Thanks for putting up the results of your suvey and how you feel about them. I'm really liking your blog. I'm in that over 40 group and I find that I can look at what you wear and find something to inspire me and yet I don't look like I'm trying to be twenty again. I like the modesty aspect and your definition is almost exactly the same as mine. I like that you share your beliefs and I don't think you are preachy at all. But the thing I like the best about your blog is that it helps me to be a better blogger. Some day I'll be asking you for help with my blog. But until then, I will read and reread the info that you already put up. Thanks for the good job! I hope you continue with much success in all of your endeavors.

  32. I love your blog- You motivate me with my own blog. =) I love your style too. Keep it up, gorgeous!

  33. You know, I don't understand people who read blogs and then complain. If they don't like it, they shouldn't read it! Anywa, you're fabulous, so don't stop being yourself.

    My question for you today is: I've been curious about your family being LDS and please forgive my ignorance - is this common in Korea, or did you become LDS once you moved here?

  34. Thanks for posting the results, I really liked seeing what you thought about them too. Hahahha I would love to see you print the comments and have Chase go crazy =P
    I like your blog, and even though everyone might have small things that they dont like, think about it this way, people follow your blog because they LIKE it, so 2556 people like your blog for some reason, any reason. SMILE =)
    I laughed that they said you kept repeating outfits... lol you cant have 365 outfits right? No one does... Maybe I'll click some of the ads =)

  35. I'm fairly new to the blogging world and I have to say yours is one of my faves. You're exceptionally inspiring when it comes to spending less--I'm always shocked to see how little you're able to spend and put together something that looks incredible!

    The survey results are quite interesting too and...I can't believe people were actually mean to you. People sure do think the internet is Serious Business.

  36. all your posts are so inspiring. now, i never wear simply a t-shirt, and i am always comming up with creative ways to wear my clothes.

    so to you, i say thanks.

  37. Looking at these stats, shows that I am your rarest reader: over 50, but reading daily! Keep up the good work.

  38. I'm so glad you posted the results of your polls. It's really intriguing to see what your readers want to see more of, and how often they read. Personally, I love your bluntness and ability to say what you think. That takes real courage. And I'm glad you accept that you can't please everyone all of the time. Keep doing what you're doing - your blog is one of my favorites!

  39. #5 is my favorite.
    also, i feel like i hardly ever see you wear the same thing...i mean i know i've seen the shade skirt but it seems like weeks and weeks inbetween wear. and THAT is impressive.

  40. I've been reading your blog for a month or so now but somehow I missed your survey! I'm sorry because I'm in that rare group (over 40) and I find inspiration in your "modesty" because it translates to "grown-up" without being frumpy! You are adorable and, btw, a terrific writer (and I'm a very picky reader, believe me).

    I also find inspiration in your remixing -- I have probably too many clothes but I don't wear them all by a long shot. I love seeing how you mix things in different way and it has made me pull things out of the back of the closet and
    wear them to great effect. Maybe you should offer a fee-based styling service!

    Also, re: the Mormon criticisms ... whut? I haven't seen any posts that do more than mention it in passing. And since your bio at the top of the page says you're MORMON in bright type, I wonder why anyone would read your blog that wasn't willing to hear a little bit about it? People ... go figure!

    Thanks for the blog, Elaine. Keep it up ... I check in every single day.


    p.s. I live in Redondo Beach and I keep trying to figure out where in LA you live from the backgrounds of your pictures. Downtown? Hawthorne? I keep thinking the Valley but you never complain about the heat. I'm just so curious!

  41. Oh wow, I just made it to the survey. I answered it last night and today you posted the results :) I've been reading your blog for a few days now and it's really very nice. You are funny and dress lovely. Congrats!

  42. This post was very nice to read. 1% males :) It's very interesting to check all these statistics and I'm glad I'm in the bigger age group ahah

  43. Thanks for sharing the results! Your summary is just perfect, too. Even in real life, it's hard not to be sad when someone doesn't like or accept the way you are, but I appreciate what you said about some people liking A not B, and others B not A. You really can't please everybody, but just keep being who you are because, most of us, think you are amazing. :) Keep it up!

  44. I love that you posted the results. It is great seeing what everyone said.

  45. As a Mormon writer, I've learned that Mormons want you to be THEIR kind of Mormon. Yes, people, there ARE different kinds! Some Mormons are obsessed with some aspects and some are obsessed with others, and then they judge accordingly. I like how you roll, lady. So keep on keepin' on.

  46. Personal atacks on you or your religion are the work of a disturbed person. If, for some reason I can't understand, a person doesn't like something about you, why do they waste their time visiting your blog? You're a sweetheart and you and Chase are a wonderful couple. I have a different religion, but I respect your beliefs.

    I've always felt that if everyone likes me, then I'm doing something wrong. So I agree with you completely on #2.

  47. I'm in that small, older segment and I've told you before that your blogs have helped me help my teenage girls dress more stylishly and still modestly. But, maybe I was too embarassed to say that it's helped me a lot, too. I may be old, and I don't want to dress like my kids, but I still want to look good, and you've helped me see different ways to wear things. Also, when I taught my girls how to "tie" their belts, after watching your tutorial, they thought I was actually cool. I've bought purses from Pursesnickety-love that place-for both my daughters and myself. In fact ordered one for my daughter for Christmas and couldn't give it up. I've also bought those purple shoes from Wet Seal and some clothes from Tulle and Kute clothes for the girls Christmas presents. So, I've clicked a lot and bought a few times. Glad I found your blog through my daughter-in-law's blog! Keep up the good work. (And, besides, my name is Elaine, too. We have to stick together.)

  48. Thanks for sharing this Elaine! I think the majority(99%) of your reades love everything about your blog. You have a great personality that shines through on here, so keep it up. It's obviously working!

  49. You are beautiful and you wear pretty clothes!

  50. No, you are not poor. Especially if you can afford an extended trip to Asia.
    And where do you get all the gift cards? They're as good as money! Besides the fact you seem to have wonderful supportive families and an awesome husband. That alone makes you rich.
    Keep up the good work. I, too, like the fact you have a limited closet and show us what to do with it.

  51. Thanks for posting the results, I enjoyed reading them! I do have to say that I think, in a way, not many people noticing your modesty is a bit of a compliment. It means you dress modestly, yet you're still hip... you're not a freak, you still look great, and yet you keep a part of yourself private, privately. In some ways I think that makes dressing modestly, all the more modest :)

  52. I LOVE your blog. Boo to the nay-say-ers.

    It is so great to see your outifts and remixes... it just proves you can be cute AND modest AND frugal all at the same time. I'm starting to pair together pieces from my existing closet that I never would have dreamed of a few months ago.

    You have totally inspired some new purchases, (Just arrived in the mail today, yay!) such as a pair of super chunky brown wedges. I'm more of a heels-to-church kind of girl. You've inspired me to go for more statement shoes w/ jeans and casual wear!

    Blog on.

  53. Fascinating results. You're right to say you should blog for you. I don't understand when people are rude or negative - they could always go elsewhere. Main comment from me is keep blogging and I'll keep reading (even if I am a bit behind at the moment).

  54. Love your blog! Follow mine!! xoxoxo

    Sorry, couldn't resist. hehe

    Thank you for sharing the results, I was rather curious at first-though I had forgotten about it until now.

    Silly of people to attack your religion really. I'm not a Mormon, and I still like your blog, and your outfits. I mean, good religious conversations are great, but attacks are a no-no.

  55. I only just discovered your blog and I love it. I love your frugality and creativity. I say: keep it up, and be yourself!

  56. I bought the striped skirt from Forever 21!
    After you said they were not TOO short I snatched a few up =]