Pursenickety Giveaway (CLOSED)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Raise your hand if you like a good handbag!!! (If you didn't raise your hand, you should probably leave now. I'm just kidding. Don't go.) This month's giveaway is from Pursenickety, a blog purse boutique, that sells designer-inspired bags for prices that won't make your eyes pop and your wallet go "Wha????" (If you say that part out loud, it kind of rhymes.) You can rest easy knowing that Pursenickety bags didn't require child labor in a third world country and are lead-free! Double cheers! Also...the woman behind it all is a stay-at-home mom! Triple cheers! Consider this our Christmas gift to you...if you win.
One lucky reader will win this Alexa satchel!

Bonus entries:  Please enter your complete bonus entries in a comment below.

Update:  The winner is Kendall (cowgirl).