Reader Question: Buying a Domain

Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Meredith asked me a few questions about buying a domain (switching from to .com). I think it is pretty important as we are all bloggers so here is how I did it and my thoughts about it...

My husband and I have been talking about buying a domain for a while but we weren't sure how it would affect the blog. He's an avid reader and saw a deal for domains (at for $1.50 a year. YES. If you look hard enough and be patient, you can find some great deals on domains!!

We made the plunge (obvi). But it wasn't smooth and easy as we had hoped.

My past comments weren't showing up! They were all at 0 comments. So I made it known on Google's help forum. It looked like I wasn't the only one. A LOT of people were having the same problem as me. The forum administrator made a new forum asking all the bloggers to give them the address, the new .com address, and the date you made the switch. Once I did that, I started seeing my comments come back slowly.. In a week or so, everything was back to normal. I read the forums and checked out other people's blogs and the people who didn't do that didn't get their comments back. I'm not sure what it's like now - like if Google's fixed it by now or if you still have to go through the help forum to get all your comments back. Laura just said she switched and her comments came back after a couple days. But I say search for it in the forums to make sure what you need to do! Some people said they didn't have a problem with it but others did.

Another problem I have is my page rank is at 0. Before with my address, it was at 4. Even after all these months (not sure how long I've had my domain) it's still at 0. I've read that you'll have to build it up again but I'm not sure on the specifics on that and how long it would take after the switch. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?? You can check your page rank here.

Besides those two problems, nothing much has changed. I still use Blogger for my blog. The only change is the name.

When you do make the switch, whenever you (or anyone) uses your address, they'll be automatically redirected to your new .com address, BUT make sure you add your new website address without the www. ( to redirect to your .com address (

If you're buying a domain, do your research first!! Good luck.

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  1. This was really informative, thank you for posting this! I've been considering buying one but I think I'll wait a while longer. You've answered some of my questions for when I finally do make the switch!

    Lindsey Soup

  2. Thanks for the tips! Not that I'll probably ever be big enough to have my own domain, but it's good to know. ;)

    <3 Kali

  3. I switched, and my comments didn't show up, but after 2 days they did automatically. They have something in place now to fix it.

  4. Thanks for posting this, it's really informative. I made the switch a month ago and haven't seen any major problems yet. The only issue Ive seen is that I have that Linkwithin plug-in and sometimes it shows duplicate posts (one for the .blogspot and one for the .com).

    The only thing that's been hard for me is the rebranding (going from "Sidewalk Chalk" to "Sidewalk Chic"). I still haven't fixed my BlogLovin' issues (trying to sync up .blogspot under Sidewalk Chalk and the .com).

  5. how do you find out what your page rank is??

  6. What is a page rank?
    That $1.5 sounds pretty good but I don't think I would need my own domain name yet..
    Btw, do you just log in to blogger as usual and when it posts it just comes up here? I got a little confused with the blogger and domain part for when you do posts.

  7. Jalene, I added a link where you can check your page rank.

    Bellesme, I added a link that explains what page rank means. And I still use Blogger for doing posts! The only thing that has changed is the website address!!!

  8. Is your husband a Slickdeals user too? I saw the GoDaddy domain thing as well!! :) I am going to make the switch now that I've had enough time to adjust to regular Thanks for the informative post!! ;)

  9. Thanks for the very helpful advice, I have been meaning to make the switch but can't justify it yet without doing further research.

    Fast Food & Fast Fashion

  10. I've been meaning to host the blog on my domain for ages but that would involve leaving blogger (I am thinking of more than just parking it on a domain but actually making it part of my website) and although I have my wordpress ready to import I am stalling. Comment moderation is peachy on blogger
    Ugh so tempting to stick with what you know, isn't it?

    Maybe I should just park it on it 's own domain and stick with blogger like you did. Tempted now :)

  11. yep, all out of my price range too, haha...if only I were rich and could throw down that much moola

    yea...I really should get a domain for my blog, but then that's in addition to my 3 other domain that is like $40 a year XD I'll break down and get one eventually though ;)

  12. Thanks so much for this! I've been debating on whether to buy a domain so this post was really helpful.

  13. One thing to help with page rank is how often a link to your blog is other places. So, if your friends are posting links to your blogs, make sure they are using your new link!

  14. wow i didnt know that the domaains could be that cheap . i didnt even know what a page rank was .. still dont .

  15. thanks for the info! I was wondering about that too, but my blog isn't that big and it's just a hobby... I'm trying to keep things in perspective and have time for other things like... learning how to cook and sketching :)

  16. Ms. Green has an excellent point. One of the big things with page rank is how many links there are to your site from others (bigger sites have more influence) so if people have buttons which link to your blogspot url then that'll only add to that url's page rank, not the new one :(
    (I'm a Computer Science student and our next coursework is to basically make page rank from scratch!)
    It's great to see you posting about this sort of thing, how to blog is quite a fascinating subject :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog too,