Thursday, November 11, 2010
Hey guys... Have you seen Threadsence's new lookbook video?? It stars Liz from Late Afternoon!! You can check out more of their winter lookbook here. I love the styling. (and the music.)

Threadsence has a more indie vibe. It's all casual-chic and comfortable. I'm no indie dresser, but I do appreciate the effortlessness and ease of indie style. It's also not hard to get caught up in all their clothes... I had a hard time picking a few out to share with you but here are some of my faves. My birthday is coming up next week so you are welcome to send any of these my way...


  1. So weird. I defintely just did a post about threadsence about ten minutes ago! :) Also, I made sure to mention Clothed Much in my newest post. Thanks again for adding me to your mormon blogger directory!

    Holly (aka Modest Fashionista)

  2. i NEED those skinny cargos... i can tell from here they are cut PERFECTLY....


  3. ooh lucky! i love threadsence, they have such cool pieces...that cardigan is pretty nice

    Fashion Bag 411

  4. I have never seen threadsence before, loved everything

  5. Those shoes are awesome! I'm a pretty new follower, and I love what I've seen so far, you really do a great job of rotation! Will be back soon.