Fall 2010 RTW, My Modest Picks: T

Wednesday, June 02, 2010
Silk jumpsuit with a tuxedo blazer? Only MKA could pull that off.

Talk about flowy goodness!

Todd Lynn
Love the jacket. Want the jacket.

Tommy Hilfiger
Loving the pops of orange! (I only picked one of the many orangey outfits from this collection.)

Tory Burch
I'm all for the shimmer and glimmerrr this fall!

Tracy Reese
Love the bigbig scarves! And the clothes too, I guess..Well, of course! I love the coral-like print of that dress!

Click here for the full list of Fall 2010 RTW, My Modest Picks.


  1. i like the high waisted pants...and are those duck boots i see??!

  2. I liked the Tibi's pants and all from Tommy Hilfiger and Tracy Reese, i could use right now.

  3. the todd lynn jacket is incredible! thanks for posting these!

  4. you totally just got me so excited for fall season looking at this stella mccartney clothes. i love her style a lot a lot... and i miss you!! -

    hope everything is going well and you guys are traveling safely!

  5. Orange is such a great color, I look forward to seeing more of it in collections!

  6. i love the tommy hilfiger trousers. i'm such a dress girl, so i probably won't attempt this look, but i adore it on other women. also, i think i could pull off the black jumpsuit and sandal by the row, but not that tuxedo jacket. i do love it though, but i'd have to go with a shrug or cape or cardigan topper. thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Great picks! Everything you posted is totally wearable! I love the colors!

  8. Those are all really nice choices...I just wish the designers wouldn't insist on the models being so darn the walking dead look...they must live on water, celery and lettuce to "be coat hanger" thin !!!