Fall 2010 RTW, My Modest Picks: R

Monday, May 31, 2010
Lovin' it. It's classy and sophisticated but still feminine and wearable!

I'm loving the monochromatic look with the itty bitty pops of teal! Check out the bows on those shoes...LOVE.

I love the juxtaposition of the baggy pants with the fitted jackets.

Check out all the shimmer and glimmer! Who knew metallics could be classy?

Love cream and black together.

These prints intrigue me. They look like curtains, huh? Not sure if I like these yet... I think I need to warm up to them.

Love it. So prim and proper with a little bit of cute mixed in.

I love the way the fabric is bunched up!

Click here for the full list of Fall 2010 RTW, My Modest Picks.


  1. What is it you are so offended by, Anonymous? The fact that the clothes don't match or that Elaine sees beauty where you don't?

  2. Just ignore the "Anonymous" commenter, it's just a cowardly internet troll without a life who thinks it amusing to offend others through the disguise of an "anonymous" poster.
    Elaine - I believe you can choose to not accept anonymous comments through comment moderation on blogger.
    I however think this little series is great. It's nice to show case work that is truly about the clothing and not about the skin you're showing.

  3. Rebecca Taylor has the best outfit - i can totally see myself wearing it!

    Thank's for sharing,dear ! Great choices :)

  4. I'm completely into the Reed Krakoff look with the blue jacket. In fact, I might just be smitten with that thick fur collar/scarf.

  5. I just love rachel comeys mix of prints and floaty fabrics :) xo

  6. i agree with justsimplymolly. you can set up a blog approval option and not post what anonymous writes or just delete his/her hateful and judgmental comments. i love to spend time reading fashion blogs because they feel like safe havens of loveliness where people are kind and supportive, thus; i enjoy reading the other readers' sweet comments.

    with that said, i love that last dress with the fur wrap (i hope that's faux fur).

  7. The wee bit of drama in these comments aside, I like your picks :)

  8. The blue velour from Rochas is a dream! Love all of these picks!

  9. i'm loving all the different patterns in all these collections. :)

  10. all of these are fantastic! great picks!