Fall 2010 RTW, My Modest Picks: I

Sunday, May 23, 2010
I didn't skip "H" - I just didn't find anything I liked!

Black and white? (and gray?) Yes, please.

I'm not an orange person but those first two looks make me want to dress all in orange!!

Isabel Marant
I need those sequin pants. For realz.

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  1. those sequin pants are DREAMY... so many ways to implement them into your wardrobe! if only i had famous designer friends, haha!


  2. Hi! I'm in love with the orange pieces as well, especially that furry coat! If I had it I'd probably be too busy rubbing my face all over it XDD

  3. Orange is my brothers favorite color but after seeing these images...I think I wanna be a carrot for a day.l..I love the metallic orange...

    lovely post!

    much love,

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  4. Isabel Marant's collection is GORGEOUS.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  5. Ok love Isabel Marant's collection, sequins have been a favorite of mine for some time, yet these look very tasteful and sleek, not overbearing at all. Love the post!

    Sarah Jane

  6. I'm sorry, the orange...You have to understand I remember the 70's orange shag carpet my mom used to have. Blagh.

  7. i love isabel marant's clothes so much! i always look forward to the newest runway photos. and iceberg looks interesting as well. nice picks! ~joelle

  8. orange- like that color. Sequin pants...can a person even sit down in those? I just do not have the life style for them.

  9. i would love to have to kind of lifestyle where i could wear clothes that delicious everyday. or the kind of bank account that would allow me to easily replace such wonderful items after a trip to the park ruined them.