This is my friend.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Her name is Kendra. Isn't she stylish? People like her make me wonder why I have a fashion blog! I'm trying to get her started... Soooo my husband didn't take this picture. A stranger did. (That's why I'm smiling!) He said we looked like New York. (His words, not mine!!) Thanks, stranger!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing H&M knit hat ($6?, last year), Collection B faux leather jacket ($55), Hanes men's tshirt (free....although I probably should've worn my DownEast Basics tee....this looks frumpy), Gap cardigan ($12), secondhand BDG jeans ($10), Nine West boots ($65).

P.S. It snowed today. YEAH. Snow. a;skldfja;dsiofj;akdcz.kjfi

P.P.S. I wore my BDG jeans again. I do that. It's cool.

Button (It) Down

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
I didn't step out the door in this ensemble. The white shirt was untucked with a few buttons unbuttoned at the top. But it didn't feel right so I buttoned it up and tucked it in. I usually don't like shirts tucked in without a belt but I didn't have a choice today and I was okay with it. Do you tuck without a belt too??
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Gap button-down ($12, last year), secondhand BDG jeans ($10), F21 necklace ($8), Ros Hommerson oxfords ($25).

And a BIG thank you to Lorena for the Honest Scrap blog award!!! :) I am supposed to tell you 10 things about myself:
  1. The husband and I dated for three months until we were engaged.
  2. My parents said no until they met him in we're a big happy bi-racial family.
  3. My younger brother is on an LDS mission in Malaga, Spain.
  4. I've never successfully dieted.
  5. I think automatic music play lists on blogs are annoying.
  6. I almost always choose the wrong words/phrases/sentences. My husband says it's because I think faster than I can talk. He's probably right.
  7. I have a sweet tooth. Not a big one because my stomach gets upset very easily.
  8. I'm 100% Korean, born in Korea.
  9. But I'm starting to lose the language because the only time I speak it is with my mom on the phone....which isn't enough to keep my Korean up.
  10. I love finding change...on the ground, in the car, in your pockets...
And I tag all my readers. Tell me something about yourself.

Oh, Madeleine

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Thank you for all your comments on my hair!!!! I think I like it.. I know it doesn't look GREAT on me. My face was made for side bangs but I really needed to get them out of my face...
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing secondhand F21 top ($7), Gap scarf ($8), Shade skirt ($12), Geox flats ($37).

My husband and I went to a Catholic mass today with a couple friends. The cathedral was so gorgeous and I couldn't help but stare at the paintings, the stained glass windows, and the architecture. I've never been to another worship service other than for the LDS church so it was nice to see what another religion did for worship - definitely an eye-opener..

Orange and Blue make me go WOO

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
I like the orange and blue of this outfit. But that's about it. I should be reading right now.... I have to read 150 pages for my senior seminar by Thursday morning so that's why I've been a little MIA on commenting back but I promise I read your blogs!!!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
...and I have a photoshoot tomorrow morning. THAT'S RIGHT!!!! A real photoshoot. Deets coming soon.... I just pray they photoshop me like crazy!!! Haha, just kidding. But not really.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Collection B faux leather jacket ($55), secondhand scarf ($3), Gap top ($7), Charlotte Russe jeans ($30), Nine West boots ($65).

And here's a gift...brought to you by Shade Clothing:
modest lds fashion blog clothed much shade clothing

Fashionably Late?

Monday, September 21, 2009
I was late for work today. Sleep was too good...but it almost cost me. I had this outfit mentally picked out the night before but still not sure if it works.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
I'm a little iffy on the jeans now. They look like leggings, but they're not. So I feel like I have to cover my crotch area. I just used the word crotch on my blog...... At least I wore my "leather" jacket today! Love it love it love it.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Collection B faux leather jacket ($55), secondhand F21 top ($4), faux pearl necklace ($5), BDG jeans ($10), Geox flats ($37).

Concert Style

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Cirque de la Symphonie was amazing! The orchestra was exceptional - I loved it! I even saw David Archuleta!! and we made eye contact. I'm pretty sure he fell in love with me. Just kidding. I never watched him on American Idol so I wasn't sure if it was him or not....until a friend confirmed it. So there you have it.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
What do you think about my "new" dress? The print is a bit weird...and bold. But I like it....enough to not pay cash for it!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing secondhand Simply Vera dress ($14), secondhand belt ($6), thrifted Nine West shoes ($3).

Update: Madeline is having a Shade giveaway on her BLOG!!!! Go check it out! It ends tonight at hurry!

TGI Weekend

Friday, September 18, 2009
Thank you all for your kind words from my last post!! I'm just SO glad the weekend is here. I was pretty tired when this picture was taken. Time to catch up on sleep and homework.... And the husband and I are going on a date tomorrow night! We are going to see Cirque de la Symphonie. It's been a while since we've gone to a concert/event so I'm pretty excited! What's everyone else up to this weekend?
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing cardigan from Korea ($10, last year), AE striped shirt ($7), Gap scarf ($8), secondhand BDG jeans ($10), Wal-Mart gladiators ($10).

And I'm thinking of getting a haircut....more layers and straight bangs again. I like changing my hair with the seasons - it makes it official for me.

Smarty Pants

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Sorry....this is going to be a quick post! I've had a bad day academic-wise - I fell asleep at least once in all my classes and, on top of that, I didn't understand anything my teachers were saying. Awesome. Now I have to do more homework and try to relearn everything. Please disregard the look on my face....I was/am really stressed!!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing thrifted blazer ($3), DownEast basics top (gift from my MIL), F21 necklace ($8), J Brand jeans ($158), Nine West boots ($65).

I'll be swamped until tomorrow night so I'll try to get back to all your comments this weekend. I promise I read each and every one of them and I hope you know it makes my day!!!! :)

NO Rain

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
It was pouring yesterday, yet it sprinkled today. I should've switched outfits from yesterday and today.. Don't you hate when that happens? The coat was probably unnecessary because for some, it was apparently nice enough to wear a strapless dress and sandals while I wore tights and a turtleneck! I have a bad eye for weather.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
I need to work out. Someone....please persuade me!!!!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing AE turtleneck ($12, 4 years ago), Old Navy high-waisted skirt ($8), tights from Korea ($5, 3 years ago), Geox flats ($37), Tulle coat ($44).

Rain On

Monday, September 14, 2009
Another rainy post! When I got up this morning, the sky was nice and blue with a few clouds. Then it ended up like this later in the day. It also hailed - good thing I missed that. But I was still determined to get a quick outfit shot because I wanted to show you my new finds... Do you like them? I do....especially because I didn't even pay for them!! I used my in-store credit, which made me very very happy. 
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
If you live in/around Salt Lake City, check out Uptown Cheapskate. It's my first and ultimate choice for one-stop shopping.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing secondhand blue scarf ($3), Hanes men's tshirt (free), secondhand BDG jeans ($10), Geox flats ($37).

The Closet of SHAME

Sunday, September 13, 2009
Welcome to my side of the closet. It is an embarrassment, isn't it? But I suppose if I really were ashamed, I wouldn't be posting it. I always liked seeing how other people organized their closet so I thought I'd show you mine! And if anybody wants to do the same, please leave a link in the comment....I'd love to check it out!

modest lds fashion blog clothed much

My tops are organized by layering....for now (i.e., my layering shirts, one-layer shirts, two-layer shirts). They probably will not stay that way for long.

modest lds fashion blog clothed much
My scarf (scarves?) collection
There's a wide black one in the back that you can't see. I'm in love with it.

modest lds fashion blog clothed much
The cave
It's always a hassle to try to get anything from there. So for now, my fall/winter things are hibernating, but they are getting restless. They are organized by type (i.e., 3/4 length sleeves, long sleeves, turtlenecks, jackets...)

modest lds fashion blog clothed much
What I stand in front of every day

If you didn't believe that I was poor and not creative, this should change your mind. Sleeping bags? Toilet paper? Boxes? Cheap plastic drawers? YES. Our closet doubles as storage space. But I tried to make the bottom box (used to hold my purses) look better with some cheap wrapping paper. And if you couldn't tell, the plastic drawer above the green box is my hold-everything-box. It actually goes into the plastic contraption holding my jeans and shorts. I thought it was creative....

As you can see, I really don't have very many clothes. This is all of it....for warm and cold months. I feel like I don't need new clothes. But there are times when I casually stop by the consignment know...just to check things out. Also, If you didn't notice, there are no shoes visible! That is because we have a no-shoes policy in our apartment. Probably the only aspect of my Korean culture that I have integrated into our lives. Anyway, if you have ANY suggestions about closet organization, feel free to leave a comment!

I don't care as long as I'm having fun

Friday, September 11, 2009
Thank you very much for all your advice. They are certainly things we should be living every day but always seem to forget at the most inconvenient times. But I made sure I remembered today when I got my pictures taken. and can definitely see and feel the difference.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Now I have to finish getting dinner ready because an old friend of mine is coming for dinner. I ran into her a few weeks ago on campus and I hadn't seen for two years! Don't you love that?!? We're having her and her husband over tonight so I'm a bit scatterbrained at the moment (and thanks to ANTM).
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing thrifted AE denim jacket ($5), DownEast Basics tee (gift from my MIL), Wet Seal skirt ($10), Wet Seal scarf ($3), F21 boots ($16).

Side of self-confidence please!

Thursday, September 10, 2009
NOTE: This is not a self-pity post. It is a self-help post.
modest lds fashion blog
modest lds fashion blog
Wearing Old Navy tshirt ($4), Gap scarf ($8), Wet Seal skirt ($10), G.Wiz shoes ($10).

To be quite frank, I don't enjoy getting these pictures taken. EVER. I never know what to do. I never feel comfortable. I think I try too hard....and over-analyze. I'm always anxious when I see people coming so I tell the husband to hurry up before they get any closer. The title is true - I am not very self-confident. I know most of us have had similar feelings at some point in our lives so how have/do you built/d your self-confidence?

The Scarf-Belt

Wednesday, September 09, 2009
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Ann Taylor Outlet dress ($20), Gap scarf ($7), Geox flats ($37).

I've received some requests on how I tie my scarves (scarf belt, belt scarf). Here's a visual tutorial to get you started! Note: If your scarf-belt doesn't look like mine, you're probably doing it wrong... Just kidding :D

Pre-Anniversary Sushi

Monday, September 07, 2009
For our anniversary eve, we wanted to do something we both loved and that has never failed us.....the answer? SUSHI. We are addicts. There should be a secret club for people like us. Since we were celebrating, we bought the most expensive and delicious sushi on the menu. It cost us a fortune but it was SO good.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing thrifted AE denim jacket ($5), AE striped tshirt ($7), F21 necklace ($8), Shade skirt ($12), Ros Hommerson oxfords ($25).
modest lds fashion blog
We were having a little too much fun during dinner :).

If you guys couldn't tell, I've been trying to post every day. It helps me be more creative than to fall back on repeat outfits. I mean, if Krystal and Clare can do it, we all should too! Except they are more skilled at creating amazing looks than I am.... so go check them out!

So not me...but I love it!

Sunday, September 06, 2009
never imagined me as a red lips girl. But after seeing that so many girls looked good with it, I thought why not me?? The husband is still getting used to it. He doesn't like that he can't kiss me! And please excuse the flabby arms.....I'm working on that. Promise. Are you a red lips girl?
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing F21 tshirt ($5), secondhand belt ($6), skirt from Korea ($10), Ros Hommerson oxfords ($25), red lips.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Result of our photoshoot... I love this picture!!!!

I Believe in Yesterday

Saturday, September 05, 2009
The husband and I went on a date last night and it was so much fun! I'll admit....
modest lds fashion blog
Wearing Wet Seal sunnies ($3), DownEast Basics white tee (gift from my MIL), Wet Seal skirt ($10), Gap scarf ($8), F21 boots ($16).

There are some nights when we don't talk as much and I feel like we've been married for a long time. And then there are times like last night and I feel like we're just getting to know each other and I fall in love all over again. I love it. I want more moments like that.

Best of World

Thursday, September 03, 2009
I usually don't like t-shirts with anything written on it (especially when it isn't grammatically correct) but my sister gave this to me because it didn't fit her very well. But I LOVE how it fits! I love that it's long and fitted at the bottom but baggy on top.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing graphic tee from Korea (from my sister), H&M necklace ($5), J Brand jeans ($158), Ros Hommerson oxfords ($25).

I have a confession to make....I actually didn't wear these oxfords yesterday! I wore my flats. Mondays and Wednesdays are when I am running all over campus so heels are not a good idea. I am always on my feet unless I'm in class. But that's only an hour or two. What do you prefer....heels or flats?

Thank you to Nubia of Nubia's Nonsense for the blog award!

Mix it. Match it.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009
I can't believe this was the best picture of the bunch.... Being photographed is not my forte.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Gap Outlet tee ($7), Gap floral scarf as belt ($8), Shade skirt ($12), Ros Hommerson oxfords ($25), pearl necklace as bracelet ($5).

I actually had another outfit picked out last night and this came to mind in the morning once I woke up. I really like the yellow and green and the florals and stripes combos. I have to be more open to color combos... Neutrals are so easy though!! Good thing there are helps like this to help people like me! What are some of your favorite color combinations?


Tuesday, September 01, 2009
I was reading this post from Sensibly Styled one day and I loved this idea of the "uniform." It also had a link to Gwyneth Paltrow's website GOOP (Do you guys think of slime whenever you see that word too??) and an article about the "uniform" as well. This is such a simple and easy way to dress without the hassle of staring at your wardrobe for an hour or five. So to help me get started, I decided to make a version of my own uniform too.

The base.