Housewife v.2.0

Sunday, August 30, 2009
This dress is a little small if you couldn't tell. If I gain any more weight, I'm gonna have to sell it. I thought I'd never wear this again because I didn't have the right shoes or accessories for it. It's not really my style but it was $1. Who could resist that?? 
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing secondhand F21 dress ($1), Gap cami ($7), secondhand belt ($6), Ros Hommerson oxfords ($25).

When I saw these shoes online, I knew I had to get them! I honestly wouldn't mind six of these...they match everything and I'm sure I'd wear them out sooner than I think.

And....I didn't cut my hair, I just tucked it in the back. People always ask me that whenever I wear my hair this way :).

A big THANK YOU to Eileen of The Shoe of Salvation and Janet of JANETTERIA for the blog awards!

I Like 'em Bright

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Today was hot. I am SO ready for the fall. I've already planned out some looks.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
I haven't done any work yet... I figure I have the whole weekend to do it. I'll probably spend my Sunday night rushing and skimming through Kant (BORING) and power politics (eh). Can you tell I'm not very passionate about my major? What is everyone else studying (or have studied)? I always wish I took more diverse classes than just ones pertaining to my major.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Gap scarf ($7), Gap dress ($7), thrifted belt ($1), Old Navy gladiators ($7).


Wednesday, August 26, 2009
I should probably take my outfit pictures in the morning when I don't feel gross like I did in these shots. After working and going to school all day, I honestly don't feel pretty and don't feel like posing for the camera. I looked tired in all the pictures and thought I'd save you the trouble and just chopped my face off.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing AE striped shirt ($7), secondhand belt ($6), Wet Seal skirt ($10), Geox flats ($37).

I've got a bunch of reading and I reallyreallyreally need to (should) work out. Let's hope I get everything done tonight. Take luck! Kudos to anyone who knows where that's from....

First Day of My Last

Monday, August 24, 2009
The first day was okay....just two classes. I've had the same professor the past two years. It's nice to know what to expect in all his classes. The other.....he's one of those professors who thinks very highly of himself....and thinks he's funny. He's not.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Gap floral top ($12), DownEast Basics white top (gift from my MIL), thrifted belt ($2), skirt from Korea ($10, last year), fake Burberry shoes from Korea ($10, 3 years ago).

Regarding the fake Burberry shoes.....don't judge me! I bought these way before I even knew what Burberry was... Yeah, I know....

And check out that creeper behind me... Just kidding. It was bad timing. But it still looks creepy, no?

School Already?!?

Saturday, August 22, 2009
I don't know about the rest of you but I am not ready for school on Monday..... Summer went by way too fast. To me school means papers, tests, working every spare second of the day, never seeing the husband, and homework-filled weekends. Definitely not looking forward to it. Aaaand I need to figure out how I'm going to fit in blogging amidst all this chaos.... So for our last summer weekend together, we went on a date - the traditional dinner and a movie. It never fails.....especially when sushi is involved. and the husband, of course.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Ann Taylor gray top (gift from my mom), Old Navy skirt ($10, 5 years ago), thrifted belt ($2), secondhand brown wedges ($7).

EDIT #1: I forgot to mention a little something special..... Did anyone notice the amazing sketch on the left hand side?? Brooke Hagel, a fashion illustrator, loved my straw hat picture so much she drew me!!!! I think I look a lot better on paper than in the actual picture... Too bad I don't look like that in real life. Check out her blog here and she also has a great etsy shop filled with beautiful illustrations! She is wonderfully talented. I have a feeling she's gonna be big in the fashion blogging community.

EDIT #2: I have another amazing blogger to thank.... It is Ana of Coffee Break. She is incredibly nice - she is one of my fellow bloggers I wish to meet in person someday. She featured me on her blog and even drew a sketch of me! I can't believe how many talented bloggers there are.. Where's my talent?!? Her blog features everything from every day style to weddings to best travel destinations to interior design. She covers such a wide range of topics that it's impossible not to check it out.

This is what a winner looks like

Monday, August 17, 2009
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
That's right!! I won the UO headband giveaway at Second Skins!! I hardly win anything so I don't even expect it to happen. But I got a surprise package today from the lovelies at Second Skins!! You really need to check out their blog because they are soooo stylish!!! Check out the extra goodies I got along with my new headband! Jealous?!? ;)
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing H&M scarf (gift from a friend), secondhand F21 tee ($7), Aeropostale jeans ($20), Geox flats ($37), and vintage Gucci bag ($3).

Also.....I just bought my second pair of Geox Stefany flats. The first time I bought them they were $108. Today I found them for $37!!! If you are looking for some NICE, COMFORTABLE black flats, go to Amazon. Zappos and Piperlime both have them listed at $110 right now... What a steal!

Street Style #3

Sunday, August 16, 2009
Finding good street style is getting harder...especially because I don't get to walk around the city as much as I'd like. I'm usually confined in the office at work. But I was able to catch these lovely threesomes.... Ironic, no? My third street style post with three girls each....
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Cristina, Alisha, and Christina are from Philadelphia!!!! What are the odds?!? Only Philadelphians would be this stylish ;).
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Check out these lovely ladies!! Marta, Aria, and Kaylee looked so pretty on Temple Square. Don't you think??

modest lds fashion blog clothed much
And this is me just being my cool self....with messy hair.'s so IN.
Wearing H&M scarf (gift from a friend), F21 tee ($5....but don't buy it! This was the first time I've worn it and it's already stretched lame.), J Brand jeans ($158), F21 boots ($16), and my wonderful awesome vintage Gucci bag ($3).

Sooooo my sister is staying with us because she's done with school. And my parents are coming to visit this week. It's gonna be a full house. So I'm afraid I won't be able to get around to posting much this week until I can squeeze in some severe blogging. Hang tight!!!!

A BIG thank you to Claredevi for the Lemonade Stand Award!!! Please check out her blog because she has such great vintage style and she's so pretty :).

I've Been Flower-ed

Thursday, August 13, 2009
That's right... I gave in to the power of the flower necklace trend. Thanks to The Maegan, and This Time Tomorrow, it was too easy of a DIY not to.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
And I can't forget Wal-Mart. I think it cost me about $5 to make this. I found a lot of this in their clearance craft section. Yeah...who knew?!? The necklace you see here is actually half the size of what it used to be. I cut off some attention-grabbing flowers.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing DIY flower necklace ($3), Gap tee ($8), Aeropostale jeans ($20), black pumps from Korea ($25).

A big THANK YOU to Eunice of fancy pants and Lilli of Lilli Living for the Kreativ Blogger Award!! If you wanted to read the interesting tidbits about me, please click here. :)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009
I just bought this Shade skirt and I love it! It hits at my knees and it has's perfect! I've already worn it twice...on Sunday for church and today for work. I think the last outfit is missing something though but I'm not sure what.. What do you guys think?
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Gap dress ($8), Shade skirt ($12), F21 cowboy boots ($16).

Street Style #2: BYU Style

Sunday, August 09, 2009
Here are my Provo fashionistas like I promised. I loved the BYU campus! ...especially because everyone was modest. It was so hard to have to pick who to take pictures of because there were so many fashionable girls there! I already can't wait to go back and snap some more pictures!!!

modest lds fashion blog clothed much
I love McKenzie's color combination of the pale pink and light blue denim. I especially love those buttons!

modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Love that they both wore skinnies and cute sandals!! My kind of girls!!

modest lds fashion blog clothed much
I love her flowy white top against the dark jeans and her colorful statement bag (also, a great substitute for the backpack)!!

Here Comes the Rain

Friday, August 07, 2009
Hello to my new readers! I was in Provo this morning and snapped a few pictures of some stylish ladies on the BYU campus. They will be debuted later this weekend so stay tuned...!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing H&M scarf (gift from a friend), H&M necklace ($5), tan cardigan from Korea (gift from my mom), DownEast Basics tee (gift from my MIL), J Brand jeans ($158), Nine West boots ($65).

Today was a little bit cooler than usual and called for rain, hence, the layers... Well, there was no rain. Thanks,

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I plan on going to the farmer's market tomorrow morning and maybe hit some garage sales! Who knows if another designer item will show up?? Wouldn't that be amazing..

Debut of the Straw Hat

Wednesday, August 05, 2009
This is my new hat. I love it! ....except I've only worn it twice now. It doesn't seem practical to wear a straw hat in the city......but I tried it today......and got several stares. At least my face was protected from the sun. But that's about it.. Maybe next summer, straw hat.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Gap Outlet straw hat ($13), American Eagle striped shirt ($7, 2 years ago), Wet Seal white skirt ($10), thrifted belt ($2), secondhand wedges ($7).

Street Style #1

Monday, August 03, 2009
I am a lover of The Sartorialist like many of you and have been wanting to take pictures of great outfits I've seen except I'm not the outspoken type so it isn't easy for me. Let's hope I get better because it's nice to see some fresh off-the-street inspiration! Check out these fashionistas!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much

See!!! Boots are chic in the summer too! Especially with a great floral dress.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Love how she used primary colors to coordinate her outfit!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
I love the sash Kassey used to belt her dress and her amazing bow shoes!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Doesn't Adrienne look so Audrey Hepburn-esque? So classy!

Pssst.... Check out my very first interview at Sensibly Styled!!! These girls need some credit for what they are doing. It is definitely not easy looking for modest clothes these days. If you're reading this....thank you!!