Gucci what??

Thursday, July 30, 2009
That's right!!! Yours truly scored a vintage Gucci bag. I actually got it at a garage sale for $3! My first real high-end designer item. Most likely my last. Okay, so I didn't really wear this outfit today. I actually wore my Ann Taylor dresswhite belt, and black flats. Not very interesting but I changed into this because the husband liked this outfit, which is weird because he doesn't care a bit about fashion. So I played dress up while we ran some errands.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing secondhand Express tee ($4), DownEast Basics tee (gift from my MIL), J Brand jeans ($158), silver cuff ($3, 2 years ago), black pumps from Korea ($25, 3 years ago), vintage Gucci bag ($3).

And thanks to Meg from Style My Story for using me as her outfit inspiration!! Check out her blog because I think she has GREAT style!!

P.S. Utahans.... I am considering having street style incorporated into my blog so if I see you, you may be on here next time!

My Summer Staple

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
For this hot heat, the simplest way to stay cool is to wear a skirt. or a dress. If you haven't noticed, this is my only white skirt. So I'll be wearing it all summer. What is your summer staple?
modest fashion blog lds clothed much
Wearing Wet Seal scarf ($3), Downeast Basics white top (gift from my MIL), Wet Seal skirt ($10), thrifted belt ($2), secondhand wedges ($7).

So my creativity still seems to be lacking.. I wear repeats during my non-posting days. I know...I'm a cheater.. But the point of this blog is to utilize the clothes I already have, not adding to it! Except a few shopping trips were necessary in my opinion...

Lust List and such

Sunday, July 26, 2009
I've just recently discovered Vintage Hem, it features slips you can wear underneath short skirts. They have all sorts, but here are a few that I am lusting after right now:
And Shabby Apple has recently added some new dresses to their shop. Here are some of my favorites:

Don't forget about the 15% coupon using CLOTHEDMUCH15OFF. It expires on the 31st so hurry before you miss out!

I'm also going to squeeze in an outfit picture I took from this weekend during Utah's Pioneer Day celebration.
modest fashion blog lds clothed much
modest fashion lds blog clothed much
Wearing secondhand F21 shirt ($7), secondhand belt ($6), white Wet Seal skirt ($10), gold Old Navy gladiators ($7), thrifted purse ($4, last year).

Side-Long Glance

Thursday, July 23, 2009
I need to stop posing.... Anyway, this 90-degree heat streak is still going strong. And my creative juices have dried up. So of course I went shopping! I was looking for skirts and dresses but found this loose gray shirt instead. I love it. It is soft and comfortable...perfect!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing secondhand Express gray shirt ($4), black Downeast basics shirt (gift from my MIL), white Wet Seal skirt ($10), black Payless gladiators ($11), H&M necklace ($5).

Thank you for all your wonderful comments!

Cycling Fashionista??

Monday, July 20, 2009
Today I rode my bike to and from work. My legs are still burning... Since this weather is unforgiving, I have to be bike-appropriate, work-appropriate, and 90-degrees-appropriate. It is so frustrating!!! I've been searching the blogger-world to find outfits and bikes for some inspiration. Here are some that I am coveting right now.......

You can click on the pictures for their sources.

As you can see, there are so many cycling fashionistas out there! I've narrowed the many down to a few of my favorites. Take a looksie.

EDIT: Leproust Vintage and The Renegade Bean have tagged me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you so much!!! Now for seven tidbits about myself......
  1. I am a political science major but probably won't do anything with it after graduation. It is utterly useless because I am not going to be the first Asian female president nor do I want to be a lawyer.
  2. I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia. and now I'm in Utah?!?
  3. I have never been to a bar or club. Yes, I know, shocking. But when you're LDS and you're married, there is really no reason to. Except there are a couple piano bars that have been very enticing....
  4. My second year anniversary is coming up soon and I hope we do something fun, hubby.....
  5. I still don't know what I want to do/be when I grow up.
  6. I have wide feet. So shoe shopping is not fun.
  7. My hair naturally flips to the left.

Blogger Meet-Up and a 2 hr Bus Ride

Friday, July 17, 2009
Last night I met up with Caroline, a fellow blogger. (She also has a great shop selling vintage goods!) She is actually from Hawaii but came to Utah to see friends and family. We were able to schedule in some Indian food at the delicious Bombay House. This was both of our first time meeting an internet friend. If anyone else is in Utah, let me know so we can meet up!!
modest fashion blog clothed much
I am wearing Gap top ($12, last year), Downeast Basics tee (gift from my MIL), Charlotte Russe jeans ($30), secondhand brown wedges ($7).

As for the two hour bus ride....I made my way down to Provo today to hang with my little sister. Here is a quick outfit shot. It is supposed to be 100 degrees today so I was trying to think of the best way for me to feel cool in this Utah heat as well as feel good about my outfit. Anyway, any Cougars out there? And, yes, I made my sister take a picture of me in her was way too hot for me to be standing outside trying to look good enough for a picture.
modest fashion blog clothed much
Wearing orange Gap dress ($7), Gap scarf ($7), Payless black gladiators ($11).
I think I shop at the Gap too much.

This is my cool leaning-against-the-wall pose

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
modest fashion @ clothed much
Wearing H&M silver scarf (gift from a friend), Gap white tee ($8), Old Navy rolled-up shorts ($10), secondhand brown wedges ($7).

San Francisco Stylephile tagged me for Six Little Things That Make Me Happy. Here I go!

The husband!
and family.

That peaceful feeling you get after reading this book.

Trying new foods.

When kids say funny things.

not cats, sorry.

A dark starry night devoid of any artificial light.

Scarfed and Booted

Monday, July 13, 2009
Hope you all had a great weekend! The husband and I were in Park City for his family reunion. It was nice to meet some of his extended family. We played Guitar Hero, pool, rode the Alpine slide and coaster (not my video), and I socked all of the boys in knock-out. That's right, guys!! Okay, so it was one or two times.....but it still felt good!
modest fashion @ clothed much
Wearing H&M scarf (gift from a friend), Old Navy tee ($4), Wet Seal skirt ($10), thrifted belt ($2), F21 boots ($16).

No offense, Utahans, but I hate the climate here. It is so dry and hot I don't ever feel like going outside. But I will continue wearing scarves and boots!!

Side note: The filipino dish was indeed inedible. I figured. We didn't even follow a recipe! I know...crazy.

This outfit makes me feel bright

Wednesday, July 08, 2009
My latest finds! The orange dress is similar to this one, just in a different, brighter color. It's a pretty bold color for me but I have grown to love bright colors. I have also been looking for a belt that fastens at the waist and I finally have!! What a lucky find! Anyway, now I have to go get dinner ready. We are attempting to make a certain Filipino eggplant dish. Let's hope it's edible!
modest fashion @ clothed much
Wearing H&M scarf (gift from a friend), Gap orange dress ($7), secondhand black belt ($6), Old Navy gladiators ($7).

These boots were made for walkin..

Monday, July 06, 2009
I just bought these cowboy boots from F21 and I have been wearing them with everything. I love them! I never thought of myself as a cowboy-boots person. You just don't correlate Asians with cowboys. But now you do!!!
modest fashion @ clothed much
modest fashion @ clothed much
modest fashion @ clothed much
Wearing H&M silver scarf (gift from a friend), Ann Taylor Outlet white dress ($20), F21 boots ($16).

Purpled Out

Thursday, July 02, 2009
Coming home after a tropical vacation is a big reality check. Anyway, my little sister is staying with us for the 4th of July weekend!! You may see us at Sugarhouse Park to watch the fireworks on Saturday. What are you guys doing? Hope you guys have a safe and happy 4th!!!
modest fashion @ clothed much
modest fashion @ clothed much
Wearing Old Navy purple top ($8), H&M earrings ($4), Charlotte Russe white shorts ($8), random brand wedges from a boutique in Atlantic City ($10, last year).