Greetings from Hawaii

Saturday, June 27, 2009
Hello friends! Wish I could say I was relaxing by the beach or the pool but I am actually inside the nicely air-conditioned house. Yes, I am cheating. I don't's hot. I promised myself I would take outfit pictures every day here but lately my outfits have consisted of bathing suits and cheap cover-ups. But here are a few good ones.
modest fashion @ clothed much
The husband and I at the Laie Hawaii LDS temple.
To learn more about LDS temples, please click here.

Wearing H&M scarf (gift from a friend), secondhand Gap tee ($4), Wet Seal skirt ($10).
modest fashion @ clothed much
modest fashion @ clothed much
Pearl Harbor
Wearing Gap orange top, Charlotte Russe shorts, Payless gold sandals ($7, 3 years ago), H&M earrings.

Frumpy Dumpy

Saturday, June 20, 2009
I'll admit, when this picture was taken I was too cold to care about the fact that I looked frumpy!! Actually, I didn't realize until much later..... The treehouse you see behind me is the current work-in-progress of the husband and his friend. It is a little architectural summer project they have for their first client. Exciting? Yes. Probably not for you. That's okay. It is unfinished as you can see.
modest fashion blog clothed much lds
Wearing thrifted AE denim jacket ($5), white H&M scarf (gift from a friend), AA v-neck tee ($10), J Brand jeans ($158), Nine West boots ($65).

Well, I'm off to Hawaii in a couple days. To keep you occupied for the rest of the week, check out this beauty blog. I have no clue on beauty or makeup head on over.

What is black and white and red all over?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
I am still in a black&white phase. But I tried to mix it up with RED - but it still looks pretty bland. I just don't have the desire to wear color these days. Maybe next week. Wait, I'll be gone next week in Hawaii and my laptop will also be India, I suppose.
modest fashion @ clothed much
modest fashion @ clothed much
Wearing secondhand Old Navy trenchcoat ($8), Charlotte Russe turtleneck ($15?, 2 years ago), J Brand jeans ($158), Geox flats ($108).

It's having some harddrive problems. So no posts while I pretend to surf and relax on the beach with my hubby. But I'll make sure to leave you with a good-bye post this weekend because I know you guys will sorely miss me!

Almost Classy

Monday, June 15, 2009
I love black&white. It never disappoints you because it's such a classic color combo - look at Chanel. By the way, these shoes are not comfortable. I may have to wear them only for shorter outings because they're definitely not for walking. The weather here has been gloomy the past week but now that the sun is out, I should probably wear a skirt or something.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing H&M scarf (gift from a friend), secondhand F21 tee ($3), J Brand jeans ($158), Target shoes ($25).

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway! If you wanted to try to win the Secretary Dress again, Shabby Apple has given you another opportunity on their blog.

My Rainy Day Story

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Coming home from work, I got off TRAX only to be pelted by the rain. So I waited under the shelter of a feeble tree until the husband came to pick me up at the TRAX stop. I still needed to take my picture but I figured we could do it in the parking garage again. I was wrong. The husband said the pictures were too dark and that there wasn't enough light so he made me step out into the rain for some "good pics." See what I do for my bloggers? I love you guys soooo much.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
"This is not right. I am sure I shouldn't be wet while taking an outfit picture."
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
"Is there really no other place to take a stinkin' picture?!?"
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
"Husband.... I am wet and cold and would like to go inside now.."
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
"K, I'm done... Let's go home."

Wearing H&M scarf (gift from a friend), Gap sweatshirt thing ($11), Downeast Basics white tee (gift from my MIL), J Brand jeans ($158), Nine West boots ($ only pair of waterproof shoes).

 A big thank you to Nic and Missi for giving me this award!!! It sure made my day :)


Tuesday, June 09, 2009
I feel so out-of-energy and tired today if you couldn't tell from my face. But I did make myself go outside to take a somewhat decent picture. It was really windy and the sun was in my eyes but the husband managed to find this nice little shaded area for him!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing AE denim jacket ($5), H&M necklace ($5), AA tee ($10), Wet Seal skirt ($10), Nine West boots ($65).

I never know what to write on here.... I mean, I don't want it to be too personal because that's not what this blog is about but then again that only leaves what I'm wearing to be written. Anyway, I'll end this post with one thing: life never gets easier - it only gets harder. There are more choices to make. There are more things to worry about.


Sunday, June 07, 2009
Not much of an outfit post. I just wanted to show off my dress which I bought for a dollar at a garage sale. YES, that's right....a dollar. It gives off that 50s housewife vibe, no? Sorry for all the garage posts. Today really was raining. Other times I am just too lazy.....will have to work on that.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing secondhand F21 dress ($1), Gap cami ($7), Target shoes ($10, 3 years ago).

I didn't really want to go through the hassle of making my pictures bigger but I actually like it.

A Touch of Ethnicity

Friday, June 05, 2009
I think if I could get away with it, I would wear these jeans allllll the time. Side question: Do my legs look short in these??? I love loose-fitting anything although it isn't flattering 90% of the time. My philosophy with boyfriend jeans is to make sure you have something form-fitting on top to balance the looseness on the bottom. 
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Wet Seal scarf ($3), Gap cardigan ($12), Downeast Basics tee (gift from my MIL), Aeropostale jeans ($10), Geox flats ($108), thrifted bag ($3).

Anyway, I really like this scarf, but I don't love it yet. If you haven't noticed, I don't have a lot of bold prints. I wish I did but I don't. So this is pretty bold for me. ....I love this alleyway.

Quick Fix

Thursday, June 04, 2009
I don't have a sewing machine and the one time I used it I went to a friend's house and horribly executed a supposedly simple task. I don't think I have the coordination skills to use a sewing machine properly!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing orange Gap top ($7), Charlotte Russe shorts ($8), Sears shoes ($15).
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
So last night I decided to take these shorts in a little by hand. See the before??? What a disaster!! They just made my short legs look even shorter. But now I love how it fits - it looks cleaner in my opinion.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009
My outfit today was largely inspired by Erin from calivintage. She is so creative with the AA sashes that she inspired me to use my scarf to belt my tshirt dress. It doesn't look as good as hers because my scarf isn't long enough and my waist isn't small enough :(.
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing Gap dress ($8), Gap scarf as belt ($8), secondhand brown wedges ($7), thrifted bag ($3).

Anyway, the husband found this cute little alleyway today and you will probably see more of it in the future! And, yes, I know my chest looks weird so you don't have to tell me....