Thursday, April 30, 2009
I have been looking online forever for fashion blogs for the more conservative/modest crowd, only to find that they were much outdated and are completely useless now. So after much (actually only a couple days) contemplation I have decided to start it myself! Although I am certainly in no position to be giving fashion advice, I will be expressing my opinions like it or not.

Ann Taylor dress, $20; thrifted AE denim jacket, $5; gray knee-high socks from Korea, $5; secondhand brown wedges, $7

So glad I decided to wear socks because it is slowly getting colder much to everyone's dismay... This is what I wore to work today as I ran to catch TRAX. Running in wedges sucks.

EDIT:  I just found some great modest fashion blogs online so I apologize about my comment before. I was obviously not looking in the right places! But let me just say it is so comforting to have found some!