Tuesday, June 09, 2009
I feel so out-of-energy and tired today if you couldn't tell from my face. But I did make myself go outside to take a somewhat decent picture. It was really windy and the sun was in my eyes but the husband managed to find this nice little shaded area for him!
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing AE denim jacket ($5), H&M necklace ($5), AA tee ($10), Wet Seal skirt ($10), Nine West boots ($65).

I never know what to write on here.... I mean, I don't want it to be too personal because that's not what this blog is about but then again that only leaves what I'm wearing to be written. Anyway, I'll end this post with one thing: life never gets easier - it only gets harder. There are more choices to make. There are more things to worry about.


  1. Yeah, I liked it when I was completely careless in life. Now there's just too much shit to worry about. Right now I'm at the beginning of a summer that will probably be my last one before I get a real job (well, ideally) and I want to take advantage of it. I'm trying to have no cares and just bum around from day to day but life just keeps interrupting it. It sucks being an adult sometimes, doesn't it?

    Anyways, I love the outfit! The denim jacket and the boots go super well together - I adore it!

    I hope things will look up for you soon! Remember to have some fun, too, if possible.

    (And thank you for your sweet comments on my blog - I really enjoy seeing all your outfits!)

  2. Wow! This is a gorgeous picture! Great outfit - you are very beautiful. I hope things do get easier for you.

  3. i love those boots with the dress
    iget how you feel i felt dead to day .. i was so out of it

  4. Cute little denim jacket!

    It's so funny that you'll be in Hawaii just before I head to Utah! Will you be on Oahu?

  5. Loving this dress with the boots!

  6. i love your hair style and your jacket.
    it suits you so well!!
    and i know exactly what u mean about writing personal stories..

    mi ji

  7. I like your jacket! I'm on the hunt for a new jean jacket as mine is nice, but a bit shapeless...

    and just remember that "this too shall pass." :)

  8. What a lovely photo! I love the denim against the white and that necklace is fantastic!

  9. Oh your necklace is beutiful and I will copy your outfit... I have a white skirt and a denim jacket very similar to yours!!
    great post!
    and cheer up!!! life always gets harder... more responsabilities I think.

  10. I am sure glad you found the energy for the image as you look gorge in it. the pink skirt and tough boots are perfect!
    Life is awfully hard at times, I hope whatever that your going through at the moment gets better.
    Know you are not alone.
    big hug,

  11. Love the jacket and skirt combo! :) smile from me to you!

  12. life is sposed to be better cause you have hubband. come on over i make life fun again.

  13. Hi there!
    thank you for stopping by LaMimi and leaving me such a lovely comment:)
    I absolutely love your style:) so effortless and beautiful:)


  14. You have an absolutely beautiful face. I bet you are far more stunning in person.