Monday, May 04, 2009
Somebody stole my bike :(. My husband realized it wasn't at the bike rack of our apartment today! It is someone in our apartment building because it's gated and you can't get in without a key.. I am upset and need to get over it. Whoever stole it obviously needed it so desperately that they had to steal from a poor college student!'s in God's hands now.

American Apparel tee, $10; Old Navy belt, $10; Target jeans, $20; secondhand brown wedges, $7

Sorry for the face. The husband was taunting me so this was the best one out of the bunch... And this was before the bike incident! Hahaha.

And thank you for all your lovely comments!!


  1. Ah!! You're so cute XD

    I got my bike stolen seven times and once thrown into the river so I feel your pain! I don't know why I keep getting emotionally attached to my bikes and am then very careless with them though XD

  2. Sorry to hear about your bike! Hope you recover soon :)

  3. That sucks..sorry! Love your blog...super cute!
    check my blog out...

  4. The pictures are fantastic. I've always thought you were so photogenic, and these shots are no different! I also love the title of your blog. Very clever, dear. You've got great style.

  5. Oh man, you are so adorable!!!! I love the faces you make.

    I got my bike kinda stolen once when I was attending UC Davis for undergrad. I say kinda because I found it around the corner of a building on campus! It was just minutes after I discovered it missing and I ended up walking a different way than I normally did so it was complete luck that I happened to find it. There were two cut bike locks in my basket (mine and I guess the one that the bike stealer cut off of another bike after he found out he didn't want mine).

    That's not a very good story considering that your bike is actually stolen but I know what it feels like! I hope you catch the punk in your building with it.

  6. sorry about your bike! But your pose is super cute!