Busy month

Friday, May 08, 2009
Seriously, this month is crazy. There were finals...but school ended so it's all good in that department. There were also three birthdays in the husband's family and there are also two mothers for Mother's Day. I have been making cards like a mad woman tonight - still not done yet.

Wearing secondhand black Gap top ($7), DownEast black top underneath (gift from my MIL), Charlotte Russe jeans ($30), G.Wiz red shoes ($10), H&M scarf (gift from a friend).

I love this top! It is billowy and it has ruffles down the front but you can't see because of my scarf. LAME. Maybe next time.

Annnnnddd....the husband has asked to be credited for his picture-taking skillz. CREDITED.

PS...Got a new bike today! Needs some tuning up but seems to fit me well. BOOYAH.


  1. i just got my bike from my brother's last night. do i smell friendly bike strolls in the near future?

  2. YES! Now I can ride to your place!

  3. enjoy biking! ive been meaning to get myself a motorcycle license!

  4. That's a really cute outfit! Love the shoes.

    yay for bikes. I love mine. I need to get it out for spring.