Sunday, May 24, 2009
It was raining today so the doorway pic is back. This is what I wore to church today. I have about nine skirts but more than half of them are not flattering on me anymore, which is why the high-waisted skirt has always been the go-to skirt for me lately. Well, since wearing the same skirt over and over again isn't very creative, I tried to focus my efforts on a different one. I thought of this outfit right before I went to sleep (after many futile attempts, of course).
modest lds fashion blog clothed much
Wearing faux pink pearls ($10), faux pearls from Body Central ($5, 3 years ago), Ann Taylor Outlet dress as top ($20), skirt from Korea ($10, 3 years ago), thrifted Nine West shoes ($3).

Happy Memorial Day, USers. Does anyone know why we celebrate this holiday?? Because I don't.........


  1. I love this skirt! Especially with the simple white tee (or dress, I guess :)) and the necklace is absolutely gorgeous! Looks fabulous :)


  2. Cute skirt! This pic gives us a great look at your face! :) and it's very nice! :)

    In regard to the gladiators from Wal-Mart, I like them because they are $10. They give me an opportunity to try out a trend that I doubt will survive much longer than one season, and they're vrry inexpensive. II bought two pairs and I've worn the white pair much more. THey've not fallen to pieces yet, but I wouldn't recommend "harsh" treatment (getting them wet, etc.).

    I'm not a huge fan of gladiators in general, but these gave me a chance to dip my toe in their water without spending much money and still feeling comfortable and like I'm dressing for me.

    And please don't apologize for long comments--I LOVE COMMENTS! And yours are so insightful and fun! :) Bring them on! (and I'll try to do likewise!)

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  5. (I'll try posting again, sans typos.)

    I recently discovered your blog and love your daily pictures! I gravitate towards solid colors rather than prints, too, I just don't mix them up as creatively. Thanks for the inspiration! Oh, and I love that you put the prices of the pieces too! Thanks!

    Side note: Memorial Day is a day to commemorate people who died in military service and started after the US Civil War (something like 1868). When my grandma was younger, it was called Decoration Day because you'd decorate the graves. My family still goes around to all the family plots to leave flowers and plants.

  6. This is a super cute outfit! Awesome skirt!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog too!

  7. What a ladylike silhouette! Also love the necklace - it gives the look something extra. XOXO, MissAmy

  8. After many failed attempts I think you had a gorgeous outcome.
    You look divine.


  9. I love the skirt. I think its very simple and chic. It suit you really well.

  10. Darling skirt! Memorial Day is all about veterans of war and to remember those who have died in military service.

  11. heart this look.

    thanks for the visit.