Black in Spring?

Thursday, May 07, 2009
I love this skirt! It's high-waisted AND it has pockets. How BOMB is that? I was feeling a little shy today, hence the one pic...
Wearing secondhand F21 shirt ($8), necklace from Korea ($10), Old Navy skirt ($8), shoes ($35).

Back to the title.... Is it weird to wear black clothing for spring/summer? Personally, I love black. It's a universally flattering color and I plan on wearing it year-round. I tried to make it more "springy" with my bright top and fake pink pearls. Hopefully, I passed.

AND....I am breaking out all my skirts/dresses for this forthcoming warm weather. Shorts look horrible on me because I am petite...but I also have a big bum. Promise. So skirts it is.

PS.. I just realized all my outfits have either had secondhand/thrifted items incorporated into them. BOOYAH. I'm saving the world.


  1. black ALWAYS, I mean doesnt matter when, the important is how, and of course blakc can be perfect with a lot of differents looks, like u have get here, the blue is the summer colour, really nice!

  2. Black with a pop of color is actually really in this spring... you're doing a perfect example of it here!
    Love the skirt by the way, will have to go to old navy to check it out!

  3. black + electric blue = great <3


  4. I have that skirt. and in no way does being "petite" make you look bad in stuff. it's when you are not so petite and your bum is huge, that is when shorts are a no go.

  5. You look chic! I rock black in the summer so just do you!

  6. Very chic! and i'm a sucker for pockets too. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog :-)

  7. Nice shoes!
    Come visit mine :)
    It'll be great if we can swap link.

  8. oh i'm in love with this outfit!
    the electric blue really suit you!
    great heels and beautiful necklace <3


  9. love the color of your top n your gojane shoes...make me jelous! hikz

  10. thanks for the comment, I really like this skirt!

  11. I LOVE the blue of your top--it's one color that looks great on EVERYBODY! :)

  12. High waisted ROCKS. love love luvin it.